What’s something most people don’t know about you?

The way humans connect is a work of magic. We build some of the strongest bonds among any animals on Earth. Think about how close you grow to your best friend. Think about how much you love your significant other. And think about how deeply you care about your family. It’s no surprise that we connect so well with each other. We’re social by nature. We have one of, actually the most complex communication systems known to man. And almost all animals communicate in some way. It’s even crazier to think how fast we make these lifelong bonds with people.

One day we’re strangers. The next day you’ve connected with someone that feels deliberate and special in your life. We go from a big question mark to an open book. And it’s almost hilarious how quickly some people open their whole live stories when it comes to falling in love. But even for the people that spend decades building unbreakable bonds, nobody never knows us one hundred percent. There will always be thoughts, actions, and intentions that only we in our heart know. It’s fun to think of these things that most people would never know about us. It’s a great exercise to be more transparent and to humble yourself in a way. So what’s something most people don’t know about you?

Here’s a short story on one thing most people don’t know about me.

It was hot for no reason I was kind of surprised. It was my first summer up in Maryland and I don’t know why I expected it to be cool like it was throughout the rest of the year. I didn’t mind though. I was so used to the scorching hot sun in Atlanta. There was nothing the Maryland sun could do as it barely kissed my warm skin. We were all used to it actually. We all kept skipping and talking while we went on our adventure. Dwayne and Enkose weren’t the slightest bit bothered when I glanced over at them. It was funny because we would randomly crack a grin all at the same time. It was at least six months since I’ve seen my two best friends. Third Wave was back together in full effect!

We had no idea where we were going. I still had no idea where in the world these backroads led. My mom said there was some kind of mall not too far in the distance. So we skipped and hopped along. They were telling me crazy stories from school. And lets just say we were all up to some crazy things in those days. We weren’t all together like old times but we stayed connected nonetheless. The last Third Wave challenge I did was telling a girl she needed to be my girlfriend because she looked bored. Yup. We were all pretty bold. They had some funny responses to that opener. And of course the girls up in Maryland didn’t expect that from the new kid in school. We laughed and giggled about how wild some of these dares were getting.

Just as Starship started playing on our radio speaker we broke the corner and saw the mall. To be fair, my mom flat out lied. It was more of a town center. There were people walking around in droves and all kinds of cool stores. It was our first time coming across Five Below and California Tortilla. We walked around Five Below and found some exciting toys and gizmos for all under five bucks. We were shocked! Another day we tried California Tortilla and was actually pretty impressed with the food. But this day after walking around talking to girls (our current Third Wave study), looking through a Michael’s art store, and kicking it we were hungry for something different. We actually all tried Chipotle for the first time in one of there earliest days. It was hilariously delicious. (No like seriously. The hot sauce was burning our stomach whenever we laughed for the rest of the day. Priceless!)

But the main reason we headed out to this supposed mall was because there was supposed to be a bookstore. And it wasn’t just any bookstore. It was our favorite bookstore of all time. We found a Barnes and Nobles right in the middle of the town center. We were all ecstatic. So we walked into the shop and took in the sights. The air smelled of crisp leaf pages of brand new books and Starbucks coffee. It was like a kid in a candy store seeing all the different categories they had. We walked the halls and saw that it was relatively empty like most bookstores. Apart from one or two cute girls, we had the whole world’s knowledge to ourselves.

We found a nice spot in the cafe and set down all our bags. We pulled out our laptops for no apparent reason. We wouldn’t be browsing the web today. We smiled at each other and broke off. Dwayne went into the relationship and love section. Enkose headed to the music and instruments section. And of course I strolled lightly but confidently to the self-development section. I was so relieved. It was better than any toys or clothes shopping. I was looking at rows of such intriguing titles and book covers. I spent thirty minutes scouring the shelves and picking out the best picks. And before I knew it I was back at the table with my stack of books wobbling in my hands.

Five minutes later Dwayne and Enkose show with their own tilting stacks of books. We each shared all the books we found and why they were intriguing. Of course it was interesting seeing what caught their attention and why. They always found the best books that it seems like nobody’s heard of. All excited to jump in to the books, we clear off the counters. Then everything gets silent as we drop our heads into our books. Hours later and we’ve whiddled down our giants stacks to a select few books. We only pick the true gems that we’ve found. It’s usually about six books. (Two each.) Then we pack up our laptops and slide the books into our backpack. Yes. While our peers were stealing new clothes and videogames, we were stealing books to study all summer. Almost nobody knows that I’ve done this.

But don’t worry. We’ve since spent more than enough in Barnes and Nobles.

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