What’s one downside of the modern day world?

The times are different. The world we live in today is nothing like the world our ancestors lived in. There are many things that have changed over the years, decades, and centuries. Most people initially think of all the great things that have changed over the years. Times today are so much better than the times of yesterday. That’s a natural human response. It’s similar to how we all thought we were in the coolest most relevant class in highschool. The grades above us weren’t with the newest trends. And the grades below us were all so immature. The school revolved around our grade and our teachers will remember our graduating class above all the other ones.

In truth, we all have some good and bad to offer. Our class may have had a memorable homecoming party because a celebrity showed up. But then again our class may have had the worse scores on standarized tests. There’s a give and take. And the same goes for modern times. There’s nothing that is completely perfect about the times we live in. Of course there have been a lot of advances in things like medicine. And that has extended the average human lifespan over the years. But there are without a doubt many negatives in the way the modern world works. It’s important that you see the reality of things and don’t always think you’re living in a fantasy world. So what’s one downside of the modern day world?

Here’s my thoughts on what one downside of the modern day world is.

The modern day world is great. We have so many things to be proud of when you really assess our current lives. The breakthroughs that have been made in healthcare were unfathomable centuries ago. Nobody could of imagined being able to take a vaccine of a virus and being immune from the virus for the next year. There are things like transportation that is really impressive in our modern world. Airplanes started off as single or double seater machines that could take you up into the air for a short while. Now there are pilots flying planes full with a hundred plus people going across the globe. And we’re doing it in record time with great efficiencty. That’s amazing.

But we all know the downsides of our modern day lifestyles are very real as well. There are many different downsides that one could speak on. The idea of misinformation is a huge one. People are too easily fooled into believing anything they see on the television. If they see a headline on their Facebook feed, you better believe they’re going to believe it. And that’s a huge problem. But there’s also things like the level of violence that goes on in our modern day. I don’t know what things were like in the times of the past, but it’s truly gotten out of hand today. Every day civilians, even teens are picking up high-powered weapons and causing pure catastrophy. It’s insane to think of someone shooting and killing tens and tens of innocent people.

Those are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many, many downsides of the modern times. But I want to focus on just one for my answer. The one downside I think is really hurting us is our constant need for entertainment. The internet is a beautiful invention and there is no doubt that it has done great things for society. It has done wonders for humanity as a whole. There would be no virtual reality without something like the internet. There would be no social media without something like the internet. There would be no emails, youtube, online banking, google, and so much more. The internet is a saving grace. And I’m sure the people from centuries before us would have been eternally grateful for such a useful tool.

But the internet is a key variable in the equation of spoiledness that our generations are experiencing. We are addicted to the internet. We need the internet to be with us at all times. When we don’t have the internet we start to act like we lost our birth parents. Or even worse, we act like we just lost a limb or something. It’s a really unhealthy way of living. The level of availability we have to information is on a whole new level. We are always on the internet in some way. And this is in part because of the smartphone. We don’t just leave our internet access at home on the desktop or laptop. We bring it with us everywhere we go because our phone can access it too. It’s insane.

It sounds like no big deal. But it’s really causing us to act out of character. We’re more inclined to act bored when we don’t have a smartphone or wi-fi access around. And even if it’s not the internet, we’re craving that dopamine from something. If we’re not watching Netflix all night, we’re trying to get on Hulu. If we’re not playing video games with friends all night, we’re trying to play board games. If we’re not watching Youtube videos of our favorite celebrities, we’re watching social media posts of friends traveling the world. It’s this nonstop, 24/7 stream of entertainment. We don’t know how to just exist. It’s sad.

You sit in a room with someone and try to just talk for five minutes and all hell breaks loose. They need their phone. They need wi-fi. They need something to entertain them. Now we’ve lost this human connection that we were probably so good at before. People are more and more boring because I can be watching movies, playing games, or reading an article right now. Our attention spans are completely screwed. We don’t have the patience for anything. And we’re just plain old brats. We want what we want and we want it now. It’s ridiculous. But that’s modern society. I hate it. That’s one downside of our modern day.

Hopefully, we wake up and ween ourselves off of this addiction. Else we’ll all become lifeless dopamine scouring zombies.

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