What’s been on your mind most lately?

They say anything your mind can dream, you can achieve. And while I can’t state that as one hundred percent fact, I do know the mind is a powerful thing. In my eyes, the mind is our most powerful asset as human beings. We learn, love and live a life of freewill mostly because of the way our brains work. It can work for us to help us grow and prosper. Or it can work against us to hold us down and pull us back.

But the power really is ours to yield. The way we use our mind is the way our mind uses us. If we spend time thinking about positive and inspiring things we’ll find more good than bad in our lives. If we spend time on negative and dark thoughts it will make us prone to that negative energy. You have to audit how and when you use your mind often. So let me ask you, “What’s been on your mind most lately?”

Here’s what’s been on mind most lately and my thoughts on it.

We planned this trip almost a month ago and now it was time to go. I don’t usually make sporatic decisions off the cuff but for some reason I just went with it that day in Barnes and Noble. Dwayne thought it was a good idea and something seemed fun and refreshing about Phoenix. So we bought the tickets right there and then by the teen fantasy novels.

I was excited pretty much everyday leading up to today. All I kept saying was, once I go to Phoenix everything is going to change. I was in a funk and not taking advantage of life. This trip was the month to rebound and get my life back on track. And more than my life, it was the month to get the business back up and running. But for some reason when I got on the plane headed to Phoenix, my heart sank into my stomach.

Something wasn’t right. I was leaving my all my clutches and addictions behind me. There would be no Deasia there to cling on to. There would be no prescription pills to stimulate my mind recreationally. And there would be no video games to hook onto for hours on end through the night. It was a fresh start and a bitter end all at once. And that made me feel scared and unstable.

When I got to Phoenix in a big nice apartment all alone everything hit me. I was at an all time low. And it could of been the best decision or the worst decision of my life. But I was sad, depressed and cried nonstop for ten days straight. I put in all on the line for this refresher month and I was still in the dumps. And by this point I was running out of ideas. But then something special happened.

I started finding some hope. I started finding some motivation. I started seeing the light. And even though I still dealt with a lot of personal demons out in Phoenix, I made more progress than I have in the past two years. Dwayne and I made a giant list of things to do for business. And I made some personal goals to myself. And with less than half the time expected, we still knocked out almost all the business goals. And with many things pulling me back, I pushed through the toughest personal challenges.

And all in all, it was one of the most productive months I’ve ever had. Now since I’ve been home, I’ve been thinking of all the growth that happened in Arizona. And even while on vacation with family, I’m thinking constantly about the work I can get done when I get home. And I’m thinking about the strategies I can use to stay on the right path. My mind has been non-stop thinking about growth and progress because the month in Phoenix embodied them both.

But that’s just me… What’s been on your mind most lately?

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