What would your ‘priceless’ MasterCard-style commercial be?

We’re always selling ourselves. Every day there’s another way we have to sell ourselves. We’re trying to be the best student in highschool and get different honors. We try and pitch ourselves to colleges hoping they’ll want to take our money. And eventually, we sell the heck out of ourselves to get someone to pay us to work for or with them.

That’s just the reality of a normal life. We’re trained to sell ourselves from birth until death. If you don’t, you fade away into gray nothingness where no one knows who you are and what you do. Maybe it’s not that bad. But what if we actually got a budget to put together a real commercial for ourselves. What would your ‘priceless’ mastercard-style commercial be?

Here’s what my mastercard commercial would be and my thoughts on it.

Given the opportunity to turn myself into a commercial there’s a lot of ways I could go with it. It’s a pretty open ended thought but because I love film and video, I think I’ll be okay. The only hard part is thinking what part of myself would I want to display. There’s the optimistic and motivational Tim. There’s the analytical and overthinking Tim. And there’s the dark and twisted sense of humor Tim.

These would all work well for a commercial. And I’m sure they would be eye catching and original without a doubt. But there’s a part of me that I don’t think has been in the public eye often. The learning and observant me. That’s the part of Tim that’s always on. It doesn’t stop because I’m in sales pitch. It doesn’t stop when I’m taking a shower. And it surely doesn’t stop when I’m partying with friends.

I’m always observing something and learning from it. I’m always trying to analyze the next thing. My mind is always trying to figure out how the world works. Maybe with that knowledge I’ll create another world. Maybe with that knowledge I will destroy this world and all of humanity! Okay, that was the dark and twisted sense of humor Tim coming out. Let’s not have that happen again.

But without a doubt I would want to make a commercial that focuses on that aspect of Tim. The aspect where I’m always learning. But there’s a dark side to it. Learning so much has not added any real value to my life. All the books in the world won’t make super successful if I read them. And I read self help books all the time. But there’s no self help without helping yourself.

And that’s the other part of it. The learning is nice. I’m a genius! Maybe. But my life is average because I don’t apply the knowledge. And that’s what my short commercial would be focused on. The slogan would simply be “Knowledge doesn’t equal Power”. It will make a point to all the people out there in the world that hordes knowledge. Little do they know, one day we’ll die with all that knowledge rotting in our brains.

So the commercial would start with fancy, smart, analytical Tim. I would be reading books at the library. I would then go watch documentaries about important initiatives. And of course I would listen to classical music as I fall asleep at the end of the day. The scene will fast forward through years of a life of me doing the same thing daily until I’m much older and die asleep in bed. It would quickly switch to me waking up sweating from a nightmare, scared of dying wasting all that information, then applying knowledge and taking action the next day. It would slowly zoom out with text saying “Knowledge doesn’t equal Power.” I have to remind myself of this everyday.

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