What would you regret not fully doing, being, or having in your life?

No regrets!

That’s what many people scream, right before they do something they know they’re going to regret in the morning. Like getting a tattoo of a loved one on your face. Like having sexual relations with someone they have no business engaging with. Like putting ten thousand dollars all on red.

But these are things you regret doing. And every once in while we make bad decisions. Nobody’s perfect. However, many people miss the biggest regrets in life. And they’re not the stupid things you did, but rather all the great things you didn’t. Those are the most profound regrets.

Personally, I live life with a mentality of no regrets. And this might be a hard concept to understand, but I’ll explain it once anyway. I trust that my decision making as a person is so sound that I will never make a decision that I can’t reason with. So yes, there will be times I think I could of made a better decision. But given the opportunity, there’s no decision I would truly go back in time to change or alter.

That being said, there’s a high chance laying on my deathbed I will regret many things. Here’s a few I imagine would be the most prominent.

Not being a millionaire.

I would be upset with myself if I don’t acquire at least one million dollars to my name. This sounds silly, I know. One million dollars means nothing. It isn’t the magic number where financial freedom appears. It isn’t the number where you’ll never go broke. But it is the number that as a child I always aspired to accomplish.

Watching movies, shows, and interviews exposed me to the concept of millionaires as a child. And ever since, I’ve researched many things about them. I know they’re not perfect. I know they go broke. I know most are real assholes. But I also know they’re usually people who can set a goal and diligently accomplish it. That is a characteristic I admire. And I don’t I’ll ever know it’s true until I personally become a millionaire.

Not living for myself.

So many people are caught up in the thoughts of society. They care what people think, feel, and say about them. And that can be a good thing. It becomes detrimental when you sacrifice things you want to do for the things others want you to do. And sadly, that’s the reality of many many people.

I want to live a life where I can truly live for myself. I care about my mom, my friends, my supporters, etc. But I can’t live my life in their image. At the end of it all, I will only be able to grade my life on my level happiness. I hope to reach a point in life where all my decisions are ones that truly make me happy. Because anything less is selling myself short.

There’s many other things I could regret not doing, being, or having but these are the main two. I hope to have an Audi R8 but I won’t regret not having it. I hope to be a father one day, but maybe I won’t regret it.

The point isn’t to get all sad about the things we don’t have. The point is to seize the moment and go make it all happen. Because then and only then will you truly be living a life of no regrets!

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