What would you not give up for $1,000,000 in cash?

The more money, the more problems. That’s what they say. But for some reason we could care less. Maybe if we’d pass on ten bucks, but a million dollars is life changing. We could do live a life of true happiness and freedom with that much cash. At least that’s what most of us believe and yet we know it’s not true.

Then why still, would most people give up any amount of things for money. Many of us give up our time, relationships, and peace of mind for money. And that’s for a mere basic living income. Imagine if someone was ready to give you a million dollars cash. What would you give up then? More importantly, what would you not give up?

Here’s what I’d never give up for one million dollars in cash.

A million dollars is surely life changing. It may not make a dent in Jeff Bezos’ wallet. But for the average person, we’d be talking a major bump in the zeros on our bank statement. And while we all spend money differently, we can all agree it would open up many new opportunities. Just take a moment to think about seeing one million dollars sitting in your checking account. Crazy!

I’d give up my computers, camera gear, and my sweet 2005 honda in the driveway. I’d give up my phone, playstation, and the laptop I’m writing this on right now. I’d give up Instagram, Youtube, and Quora for a few years. I’d give up access to the internet for a year. Honestly, I’d give up all of these things combined!

But there has to be a limit. There has to be something that would never cross my mind for a million dollars. That’s where the truly priceless things lie in our hearts. And while financial importance is huge motivator to me, I have to be realistic. There is a few things I wouldn’t give up for one million dollars.

I would never give up being a broke college student with no job. The time I spent with absolutely no money taught me so much. That experience is absolutely priceless to me. They say the best things in life are free. Okay, yes I would of took a million dollars straight out of college I’m not crazy. But I would never give up the opportunity to learn how to make money.

That skill has served me so much more than any finite amount of money could. And I mean that. I’m a forever learner. Learning how the world works and how to create income was priceless in my development as an entrepreneur. I now know that the key to motivate others to share their resources with you is creating value for others. Not even for a billion dollars.

My integrity and morals. I hate compromising who I am as a person. That’s a big no-no. I can’t let human constructs like currency change what I believe is right and wrong. That’s not fair and honest to myself. I don’t want to be the person that will do anything for a price. Leave that to the movies. I stand by morals. And no dollar amount will ever change that.

This means I wouldn’t do a good amount of things like kill other humans. I wouldn’t betray people that I love and care about. I wouldn’t intentionally push someone down to raise up higher. Those are unethical in my eyes. “It’s always right to do the right thing.” (Gary Vaynerchuk) So not even for a billion dollars.

And the last thing I wouldn’t do for a million dollars is simple. I wouldn’t give up a million and one dollars. That’s just basic math. I’m not an idea. I wouldn’t be doing my wealth any good just letting it diminish slowly but surely. Up and to the right. That’s always the goal. Investing is key. Appreciation over depreciation.

Those are the things I would never give up for a million dollars. There’s many more I’m sure. But that’s not as important as what you wouldn’t trade for a million dollars. There might be an investor at your door trying to get you to sell your soul right now. What’s it going to be?

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