What would you like to change?

Change is the foundation of all evolution and growth in the world. Change is also the core of all degradation and deterioration. Nothing progresses in the world without change being a part of it. But some things can change without anyone influencing it. We can go to sleep and wake up years later to an entirely different reality. And all the while nobody intentionally created that change.

And that’s how most people live life. They react to the world and the things changing around them. Everyone wants to instill change after all the changes are made. In life, it’s better to be a change planner. Be the person sparking the change you want to see in the world, not fixing all the changes you were too blind to see. So we should often know what changes we want in the world. And even more so, “What would you like to change?”

Here’s a short story on what I’d like to change.

I hated everything about school growing up. I was super smart and considered by many to be the top of my class. And it was easy for me to get good grades. I was in almost all “AP” classes and taking math courses one grade ahead of my peers. What frustrated me was how all my accolades started being a game. It was less about my understanding of a subject and more about winning the game.

It was often a game of memory and repeating information that was handed to me. Eventually I loss interest in the whole learning process. I wasn’t learning how to think or be an individual. But rather, I was learning how to be a sheep and follow the herd everywhere they went. After years observing the flaws in the school system, it became one of the things I hoped to truly change in the world.

Learning should feel like an opportunity, not like a chore.

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