What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?

We’d all like to believe that we don’t care what others think. We tell ourselves we act without any thought as to what others feel. But even if you happen to be that one in a million person that could just care less nine times out of ten, you have to admit sometimes you care. There’s that one out of ten times that you just want to make a good impression on the boss. Or that first time meeting her parents and you want to come across charismatic. Sometimes it’s just your own parents that you want to represent well and make proud. We all think and act sometimes, like we know people are judging us. And honestly speaking, most times they are.

What if one day there was a 110% that no one is, no has, and no one will judge you? I think that would be a much crazier day than we think. But that’s a whole different story.

For the sake of this question, I think there’s one thing I would do for sure. I would stop being nice. And I don’t mean this in some evil way like I’ve been bottling up the evil within me for years. I mean I’m just sick and tired of sugar coating things.

I believe in honesty and transparency. So I practice those two characteristics in every area of my life. I’m honest about my flaws in my relationships. I’m transparent to my business partner about every decision I make. There’s no hidden agenda’s, or double-crossing going on. Who has time for all that? Over the years I’ve learned that honest and transparency foster two things… Understanding and Trust.

When I tell my girlfriend that I came dangerously close to cheating on her because I put myself in the wrong situation, then her trust in me goes up. When I explain to my business partner that I just withdrew a thousand bucks from the business account to pay for a pr stunt, he then understands better my vision for marketing our business. It may seem trivial when it’s all set it done but all those little points add up. And I find that it’s the winning formula for dealing with people in any way.

All that said, I’ve been told, “Tim, you’re too harsh.” or, “Tell me what I want to hear not what I need to hear.” many times before. And that’s just sad to see. I know people have feelings. We talked about crying and how admirable it is just a while ago. But honestly, if I knew nobody would call me harsh, blunt, or an asshole, I would start dishing out the truth all over. And don’t get me wrong I’m honest in my day to day. But without judgment, I’d be straight up, honest, and blunt all the damn time!

You guys can post more selfies or try to sing more with nobody judging you. Just know, I would be the go to guy for getting the cold hard truth 100% of the time! No sugar coating included.

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