What worries you about the future?

Nobody knows what the future holds. Since the beginning of time the future has always been one grand mystery. And at the end of time it will still be a mystery what it holds. It can be as far as ten years to as soon as a few minutes, we have no idea what exactly comes next. Many have tried and failed to predict the future. And those that don’t predict try to imagine it. And when we do imagine the future it’s often futuristic with amazing technological advances.

It’s super easy to see great things coming in the days ahead. But rarely do we actually, spend the time to think of what negatives the future can hold. In today’s society advancements like the gene editing tool, CRISPR, is easily improving the world. But on the same hand, today there are advancements in nuclear and chemical warfare that makes our very home volatile. So there will always be good and bad potential in the world. It’s important for us to look at what negatives the future can hold just as much as the positives. So what worries you about the future?

Here’s a short story about what worries me about the future.

Early in my childhood I met my two best friends at church one day. I had just come back to Georgia from New Jersey and reconnected with my old bestfriend. The only thing was he had a new best friend. It was a tense moment feeling your best friend replaced after just a year of being gone. But all three of us ended up falling into an amazing trio friendship that lasts til this day. It’s great to see how close our bond has gotten over the years. But it hasn’t always been smooth rolling.

Back then we clicked over all kinds of similar interests. We all loved poker, girls, acting, business, social experiments, and most importantly magic. It was the very first thing we all bonded over the same day we all met. And ever since we’d spend time before and after church practicing all kinds of new magic tricks. We even held some performances for our friends and family sometimes. But about five years after growing so close to Dwayne and Enkose, my family had to pack up and move again.

This time instead of going all the way to Naugatuck, New Jersey we landed in Bowie, Maryland. It was a little closer but still about seven hundred miles from my two best friends. Anyone that knows me knows that I value my environment, being comfortable in my spaces, and my routines. So it was hard losing my school, my space and setup, and the routines had become so accustomed to. But the thing that hurt me the most in the time being pried up from Atlanta was losing close contact to my two best friends.

I fell into a deep and dark depression for those first few months. There was a dark cloud that followed me everywhere I went. I was in a state of constant disarray and frustration. The only thing I wanted was to relight the flame with the people that mattered to me. And it showed in the way I acted. I never left the house. I went everywhere with my headphones playing Drake’s “Marvin’s Room” on repeat. And at school I was an actual loner that only ever stepped into a lunchroom once at the beginning of the school year.

After awhile I tried being proactive about the situation. I would call Dwayne and Enkose at nights. We would catch each other up on what was going on in our lives. You have to remember no one was big on social media back then. So all we had was the stories we told to illustrate our life experiences. It helped a little. So I started calling Enkose everyday during my lunch period while walking outside the school. That helped. But in my heart, I was still broken. Then one summer my parents flew Enkose and Dwayne up to spend a week with me. And that whole week was a potent natural high if I’ve ever known one.

In hindsight, it hurts me to think that we drifted apart in any capacity. And now that I’m older I see that sometimes people just grow apart. It worries me that in the future the people and relationships I care about may deteriorate. In life if something is not growing then it’s dying. And sadly that’s the truth with relationships. I fear that in my future things are bound to die eventually. And that includes my close relationships. But it doesn’t mean we’ll go out without a fight.

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