What will you never give up on?

It takes hard work and persistence to reach our goals in life. The bigger the goal the harder it is to accomplish it. If it was easy then everyone would have it. But hard goals force us to be resilient and put in the work to accomplish them. The people who don’t want it bad enough will eventually give up. And giving up never leads to winning or great accomplishments. Giving up is just deliberately deciding to fail.

But that’s not always a bad thing. We can’t win every prize and accomplish every goal. The more goals we strive for at once the lower our chance of succeeding at any single one of them. And you kiss goodbye the chance of accomplishing all of them. When we give up on one thing it opens up mental space to focus on something else. Sometimes you have to give up on one thing to commit to another. But you have to know what you’re willing to quit on and what you’re one hundred percent committed to. So what will you never give up on?

Here’s a short story on what I’ll never give up on.

When we launched our business it was a big deal to us. The expo we found in Atlanta had thousands of homeschool families showing up looking for new and exciting and products. We had an mvp that consisted of a four art courses and modern looking site. But the thing we really sold to parents that weekend was our future potential. We sold ourselves, our passion, and our vision all weekend long. And somehow we got someone to sign up. Actually, we got ten brave homeschool parents to sign up for our site.

It was exciting but ten wasn’t much to work with. So next year we attended expos and tried to get more than ten sales. And with more courses and a better pitch we did around fifteen. That was a slight increase. After that expo season all we could was reflect and hope for more sales next season. But from the very beginning Dwayne and I had another idea up our sleeves. We wanted to do some digital marketing to get sales online throughout the whole year. So we tried running some Facebook and Google ads that second year.

We had no idea what we were doing. And with less than a hundred paying customers we didn’t have much of a budget. So we ran the ads for a week and blew through a thousand dollars with nothing to show for it. And in the blink of an eye we waved the flag on the ads. It was too risky and we were throwing money down the drain. We waited eight months and got back to our usual routine of selling in person at expos. And we went from fifteen customers an expo to around thirty. We basically doubled our sales.

It was great. But in our mind we knew it wouldn’t scale in the long run. Eventually we’d run out of parents to sell at expos. And there was only so many expos to attend for a few months out of the year. The rest of the year was dry with no sales. So I got a book all about google seo and paid marketing. I started reading it from front to back trying to learn as much as I could. As soon as I grasped a concept I started testing out some digital marketing. With a little more money to work with, I was bound to find some success.

It still wouldn’t work. No sales. And almost three grand later there was nothing to show for all the time and money. We were getting frustrated at this point. We found a digital marketing agency that claimed they could get promising results for us. We spent a week talking with them and decided it was an enticing offer. But in my heart it felt wrong because we would forever be dependent on them to succeed. So I made the executive decision to pass. And after another expo season I convinced Dwayne that we should give it another shot.

I started watching all kinds of videos and courses on the web. It was informative but nothing stood out as something we hadn’t tried before. Then I came across a random comment on Quora or a blog post with some guy detailing his personal adwords strategy. I studied it and decided to give it a try. And a week in no sales. But after two weeks during our dry months a sale came in. Then more and more sales started rolling in. The adwords finally started catching on with us getting at least one new signup a day.

We were ecstatic! And that’s just a testament to being a dedicated learner. You have to be persistent when it comes to learning new things. And that’s something I will never give up on in life. I love learning. And I will be a lifelong learner until the day I die. Learning is a part of who I am. I will stay committed to learning and growing as a person with every chance I get. I could of gave up years ago on the digital marketing. But the value I received from continually learning and applying myself is priceless. I’ll never give up on learning new things.

Thanks for the strategy random Adwords guy.

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