What will you never do?

Life is full of endless possibilities at every corner. We can be almost anything we want to be in the world. We can live almost anywhere we want to live in the world. And we can do almost anything we want to do in the world. Of course, there are limitations to everything. But even then, it’s hard to deny that we’re given a high level of freedom with millions of options in this world. And that’s great. Until it’s not.

Society takes advantage of that freedom in many different ways. There are always a million and one different forces pulling you in opposing directions. There are ads trying to get you to purchase or use products you’re not interested in. There’s peer pressure influencing you to build habits that will hurt you in the long run. And there’s authority figures trying to force you to play a certain hand. With all these people and things trying to control us it’s important to know what our boundaries are in life. So ask yourself, “What exactly will I never do?”

Here’s what I will never do and my thoughts on it.

It was just another normal day. I was headed to the gym to get a quick workout in. It’s always hard pushing myself to get into the gym. But it would be fine. I knew that it was easy to trick my mind into enjoying gym time when I browsed through social media at the same time. I rarely ever get on Instagram, Snapchat, and Quora because it’s not the most productive habits. But when I’m at the gym working out, it’s like killing two birds with one stone. Plus I never get the chance to see what my friends have been up to.

Everything was normal seeing my friends party or chill out sharing their thoughts on social media. But then I got to one friends Snapchat story. The entire story was her venting about a situation. I was laughing. I was just hanging out with her yesterday and she’s always got something crazy going on. But as I clicked through each ten second clip, I noticed something. This entire rant was about me. “There’s no way!” I was in shock. We had a conversation yesterday about a specific relationship situation I was dealing with.

She felt I should cut this girl off. I felt I should be more forgiving. It didn’t matter though. We were just sharing our thoughts. But this whole public social rant was pretty specific to the exact situation we talked about. It was like it was directed straight at me without putting my name in it. And the more I went through, the more derogatory and negative she was speaking about me. It seemed like she was implying my thought-process was dumb and hers was superior. I shook my head in disappointment.

This was one of those moments in life when you get a glimpse of someone’s internal character. We had a conflicting conversation in person and it was left there. But instead of leaving it there she put me down publicly to put herself up. And that has always been crazy to me. I’ve seen many people do this to others with my own eyes since then. It could be your bestfriend, your significant other, or even your mom. Some people will do whatever it takes to elevate themself to a higher level. And that’s where I draw the line.

I will never put someone else down to bring myself up. It goes against everything I believe. Life isn’t always black and white with a loser and a winner. I felt we were both right but with different perspectives. She thought differently. And the validation from seeing people on social media agree with her was more important than protecting my integrity. It’s sad that people work like this sometimes. I feel like there can multiple winners in almost anything. I don’t count on anyone else’s failure as a contigency for my success.

The truth will always reveal itself. I’m less worried about being right and more concerned with the truth. I want the best answer. I want the accurate answer. It’s not about using others to climb above them. It’s about people working together to find the best path and hoist each other up. My personal morals don’t agree with the actions my friend took that day. We talked about it in detail later on. And I made it clear. Right or wrong I’m not pulling anyone down to get myself up. It’s just something I will never do.

What will you never do?

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