What was the last thing you furiously argued about with someone?

Humans are some of the best collaborators. It’s easy to see a big challenge and break it down into multiple tasks that many people can work on. That has been the key to some of the greatest human accomplishments in general. The Great Pyramids would have been an impossible feat if it wasn’t a group effort. The hundreds of thousands of miles going through cities and towns across the world took teamwork to finish. And no one man could have reached the moon all by himself. The way we work together and collaborate is a huge plus for us. But it comes with it’s own set of challenges. Every person is still an individual at the end of the day.

The same way we can get together and agree on a shared vision, is the same way we can disagree on one. Sometimes the ideas we have don’t align but rather clash with others. In those moments instead of collaboration we foster disagreement and arguments. That’s just a part of normal human interaction. When you’re passionate or feel strongly about something it can be hard to hear others discredit it. There’s a healthy way to deal with disagreement but in the heat of the moment we sometimes just go all out. We argue and scream and act through emotion rather than logic. Sometimes it ends well while most times it’s more destructive. It just depends on how you argue and the nature of the argument. So what was the last thing you furiously argued about with someone?

Here’s a short story on what the last thing I furiously argued about with someone was.

It was one of those mornings where I felt myself waking up but I didn’t want to. I tried my best to stay still and breathe slowly. I kept my eyelids shut tight so I wouldn’t let the sun rays wake me. I sat there still as could be. I thought about clouds, and water, and sheep. I was doing anything I could to fall back into a deep sleep. I didn’t know what time it was but I wasn’t looking forward to the day. There was no particular reason besides me just having a weird feeling. Just as my eyelids started getting heavy, I was startled by a loud ringing sound by my ear. My phone was going off in the most annoying manner. I would normally ignore phone calls this early in the morning but it was right by my head. I hated falling asleep with my phone right beside me.

I tried to ignore it with all my might but I just couldn’t. I picked my head up hoping for dear life that it wasn’t one of those scam robocalls. I would declare personal war to the idiot that ruin my sleep to try and scam me out of a couple hundred bucks. I flipped over my phone and the name read, “Kelcey”. It was my little sister. She doesn’t call me this early in the morning. Actually, she’s never up this early in the morning. There had to be something going on. I answered the phone with the drowsiest, “Hello?”. She said, “Tim, did you see it?!”. I had no idea what she was talking about. Whatever it was, I surely didn’t see it this early in the morning. I asked her what she was talking about and she said to check my Instagram messages.

I asked her if it was really that important. She told me that I needed to see it. I hesitated to pull up Instagram at nine something in the morning. But as I loaded up the app, she just blurted it out. “Juice WRLD is dead!” I immediately jumped up out the bed. All I could say is, “You’re lying!” She told me it was real and that I should check my messages. I was in so much shock that I just hung up the phone. I looked at my messages and there it was. It was a post by a company called The Shade Room. It said Juice WRLD died from a seizure after landing from a private flight to Chicago. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was no way this was true. It just couldn’t be true. Juice WRLD was one of the biggest and most talented music artist of the last two years.

I went to Google and searched it up. “Juice WRLD” The only results were things on Juice WRLD’s last album and some of his recent popular music videos. See that was it there’s no way he’s dead. I kept scrolling through the results and there was an article by the journalist company TMZ. It said pretty much all the same things that The Shade Room posted. In fact when I went back and looked at the post by The Shade Room it listed it’s source as TMZ. So that means TMZ dropped the news and The Shade Room quickly reposted it. That’s a funny way of doing things. But that’s literally how news works in this day and age. Nobody goes back and checks their sources. They all just hop on the bandwagon of another news site’s story. I felt like this was all fake news.

Kelcey finally got back home almost fifteen minutes later from when we talked. She came to my room and asked me how I felt about the whole situation. And that’s when the argument began. I told her it was all some bullshit. I didn’t believe any of the crap that I read. The Shade Room was already a questionable news company that usually posted on gossip or rumors. They didn’t have the best reputation as far as news sites went. And then of course we know how desperate and outlandish TMZ gets with their headlines or news stories. She told me that I needed to just face it. Kelcey started explaining how lots of big celebrities were all posting about it. And I told her it was fake news and that celebrities fall for that crap too.

We started getting heated. She was mad because I didn’t believe it was true when everyone was posting about it. And I was getting upset because there was no manager, close friend, or legal official that legitimated the story. We were shouting back and forth arguing our points. I didn’t believe and of the stories and she insisted it was real. And in my heart part of me didn’t really want to believe it. But within less than an hour the story was all over the world. Every major news outlet from Forbes to CNN and more were reporting on the story. That’s when I started to realize that it was real. It took a while to get me on board but I couldn’t hide from the truth anymore. I had to face it. And it hit me hard. I argued my heart out trying to stop it from being real. But it was. Juice WRLD, one of my favorite artists of all time, died.

I spent the rest of the night crying my eyes out silently. I’m sad now just thinking about it. RIP Juice WRLD. 🙁

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