What type of person angers you the most?

The emotions we experience in life are very useful. We don’t feel fear or love for no reason. We learn to go towards what we like and run from what we don’t. Our emotions give direction and understanding to what can sometimes be a very complicated world. The world would be almost impossible to navigate efficiently without the emotions that guide us. Everyone values when they feel joy or happiness from something they experience. We all like being happy because it makes feel at ease and optimistic in general. The opposite goes for the negative emotions like sadness and anger. We hate feeling it and often feel depressed with the world when we experience it.

But many people undervalue the importance of negative emotions. It’s important for us to have balance in life. Negative emotions give us the same amount of information that positive emotions do. When we feel great on a date with someone, it will be easier to realize you’re interested in them. Next thing you know you’re in love planning to walk down the aisle in the next six months. Without happiness finding love would be a shot in the dark. But the same goes for anger. If we’re often angry around someone then we know they might not be great for our life. You just have to have the social awareness to take note when you’re always angry around certain types of people. So what type of person angers you the most?

Here’s a short story on what type of person angers me the most.

We jumped out the car and started skipping out the parking lot. I hadn’t been to Six Flags in at least two years. The last time was surely when DeAsia and I would go almost every other week with season passes. But we hadn’t bought a season pass in years. As we all happily skipped forward I asked Dwayne how many people we were supposed to be meeting. He looked up in deep thought and said I’m not sure exactly. Then our female friend who drove with us, quickly jumped in. She started listing off names back and forth. I couldn’t keep up with half of the people she was saying. All I concluded was that there was going to be a lot of her and Dwayne’s random friends showing up.

Then as we got closer to the edge of the parking lot, I saw a familiar face. It was Kennedy and one of her friends. I don’t think I even knew they were going to be here. I just dropped my head and started laughing to myself. It was going to be an interesting night with so many different people in one place. They ran over to us and everybody said a short and quick hey. We got on the trolley and headed to the front gates while enjoying the cool breeze of the fall night. We didn’t talk much. We fell in line and walked through security. The other group of friends made it the park as well. Then somehow as soon as we got in the gates, we ended up splitting up. Dwayne was texting one his friends to see where they were. Our female friend was texting some of her friends.

It ended up being just a group with one of our female friends, Kennedy, Dwayne, and me. It was cool with us though. We were going to make the most of our time. We started walking down random dark paths in the park. It was a little eerie since there were hundreds of people dressed in Halloween costumes. It was always fun going to Six Flag’s Fright Fest. It was a completely different experience riding through the park at high speeds in pitch black darkness. We started walking down a path that said towards the Superman ride. As we went through the underpass, two scary ghost figures popped up and grabbed us by the sides. We jumped and screamed. I ran like one hundred feet in front of everyone else.

We rode the Superman ride and had a killer time. It was a lot of fun. But then we were all a little hungry. We found some overpriced funnel cake and chicken tender stand. We quickly jumped in line to throw away our hard earned money. That’s how they get you. All those lines and walking could make a full grown bear hungry. So we started eating the food as Dwayne’s phone started ringing. It was one of his friends. They were having fun at different rides around the park as well. But they had spent the last fifteen minutes trying to find us since we were all meant to be experiencing Fright Fest together. Plus the park was only going to be open for around another hour. We all looked at each other and decided it was only right to go and find the other group.

We walked all the way to the otherside of the park and couldn’t find them. After one or two phone calls we finally picked one decided meeting spot. I spotted them from across the pavilion area. It was a group of like ten other people. I was a little anxious since I didn’t really know any of them. But as I started walking up, I noticed this short haired cute Puerto Rican girl. It was DeAsia. I guess she caught a ride with one of Dwayne’s friends. So we walked up and I said hey and introduced myself to all the people. They were all friendly. Then I gave DeAsia a hug and asked how she’s been. She said good. She proceeded to say hey to everyone in our small group. It was just Kennedy, Dwayne, and our female friend. Everything went fine except when she said hello to our female friend.

DeAsia gave a genuine and nice greeting. Our female friend instead decided to look back at her and then completely ignore what she said. She nodded her head and continued her conversation with everyone else. I knew they might not have liked each other but I didn’t imagine our friend would be that rude. I was angry. But so was Dwayne. The one type of person I hate is those that are bullies. It doesn’t take any skill or tact to be a bully. All it takes is personal insecurity. Dwayne talked to our friend one on one about how rude her gesture was. And I comforted DeAsia to just brush it off. But it definitely sparked a lot of anger in me. Because for every bully out there, there’s always someone bigger and badder to put you in your place.

Don’t be a bully. It’s the way of cowards. And remember… if you’re quick to dish it you better be able to take it!

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