What three words would you use to describe the last three months of your life?

They say show me how you’ve spent your last twenty four hours and I’ll tell you what’s important to you. That’s a bold statement. But there’s some value in the thought. The idea is that we spend time on the things that are important to us. They way we spend twenty four hours can also be a big indicator of where we’re headed in life.

Imagine taking that concept but putting it on a bigger scale. I’m sure we can learn a lot more about ourselves in three months than a day. So what did our last three months look like. That’s the question today. But instead of a whole book, describe those three months in the simplest form… just three words.

Here’s three words that describe my last three months and my thoughts on it.

Three words is definitely a challenge. That’s not a lot of real estate to work with. Three months can encapsulate so much information. There are good days and bad weeks. Some days I’m having a blast learning something new on the internet. Other days I’m in pain all week long. But I have to take the average to describe the month.

My months have been pretty bland lately. Every day seems like it’s been just another day. I haven’t been getting up or going anywhere. When I think of the last three months it’s just one big blur. That could be the three words. One big blur. And that’s a great answer. But that doesn’t add much value. So I’ll choose one word for each month. That’s something I’d do to add as much value and insight into what these last three months were.

The first month would be… painful. It was a tough month to start the year in so much pain. I planned on staying out the hospital all 2019 but somehow found myself admitted in the very first month of the year. It sucked even more because it was one of the worst pain crises I’ve experienced. No kidding. I spent nearly forty eight hours in horrible intense pain. January was painful.

But if January was painful, then the next month was without a doubt unproductive. Most people think once you’re out the hospital you’re perfectly fine. Except that’s not how it works. I spent weeks in February recovering mentally and physically. Because I could barely walk, I was bed bound for a week or two. And of course, mentally I was drained not wanting to do anything except be. That’s what I call a super unproductive month.

And the last month was unsurprisingly bad as well. The word to describe March would be discouraging. I spent all of March in a mental slump. I was struggling with being depressed and not knowing what to do with myself. It was closely related to both months prior. The only difference is I was having deep thoughts about life, work, purpose and why I’m even here on earth. Essentially, it was the month of my existential crisis. Too bad that’s two words.

That’s my last three months described in three words. It was tough and still is tough. That’s the truth. I don’t expect life to be perfect though. The bad times just help us cherish the good times even more. I hope the next three months hold more for me. What did your last three months look like in three words?

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