What three questions do you wish you knew the answers to?

Questions are a tool that give us a glimpse into the unknown. We can learn more about the world with questions. We can learn more about the people around us with questions. And most importantly, we can learn so much more about ourselves with questions. They give us a perspective of seeking knowledge. It’s a vulnerable state but of the most powerful tools of human communication. Many people undervalue the influence and importance of questions.

In life questions can help direct us down the right path of information. All it takes is one question to the right person at the right time to completely change your life. The problem is most people aren’t asking the right questions in life. We ask the questions we want answered not the ones we truly need answered. But if you spend time answering the questions you need answered you can grow exponentially. So what three questions do you wish you knew the answers to?

Here’s the three questions I wish I knew the answers to and my thoughts on them.

When I was in college I was super ambitious. It wasn’t that college parties and boring lectures made me aspire to do so much more. I’ve always been an aspirational person that wanted to accomplish great things. But in college it felt a little different than all the other times. Now I had almost complete freedom to do what I wanted, how I wanted, with who I wanted. And most times that person was me, myself, and I. But what was more interesting was the way I chose to spend that time.

I would wake up very early at like 4:30am. There would be nothing going on in the cold dark campus that early so I would catch up on current events and hit the gym. It wasn’t practical in the slightest. But when I was walking around in slacks and a blazer while everyone rushed to class in pajamas, I felt I was improving as a person. But of all the ambitious habits I started as a naive college kid, I’m most proud of the book I started writing out of my small dorm room.

After attending a early business event with a successful entrepreneur, I was able to connect with her. I approached her and had a generic business conversation about boring stuff. But when I left that conversation, I was inspired on so many levels. I thought I knocked it out of the park and made a true lasting impression. But when I thought back on the whole experience, I realized it was the lady that spoke that really left the lasting impression. She had a mesmerizing personal presence from the moment she walked in all the way to the one on one conversation we had.

I was so inspired that I broke down every detail of her body language and diction. Then when I realized what really captivated me and the hundreds of other students that day, I decided to write a whole book on it. Questionable. I started writing the “Questionable” book with any free time I had before or after classes. It was all about the secret power of questions and how captivating they are when used right. So let’s just say I spent a lot of time thinking deeply about questions.

Because I had so much experience with questions, I know exactly which three I would love to be answered. First, “Why?”. There’s so much in life that isn’t explained. I think we’d get a lot of peace of mind knowing why we’re here and why things are the way they are. Secondly, “What brings true lasting happiness?” We’re all searching for happiness in life. So many of us miss the mark. What would bring us that true, deep, forever happiness we crave? And lastly, “What’s next?” I live in the future. Where should I focus my efforts for the future?

Those are the three questions I’d love to have the answer to. They might be some of the hardest questions ever asked. But I think the value that the answers could provide is immeasurable. Even if we don’t get the full answer, the power of questions still holds. Just taking the time to think about these questions can change our lives. So I’ll be sure to do that. And I think what’s next for me might be finishing that “Questionable” book from college.

What three questions do you wish you knew the answers to?

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