What things in life should always be free?

Nothing in life comes free. We’ve all heard that saying before. It’s a good thing to hear as kid because it kills the entitled attitude. One of the worst traits we can have as individuals is high level of entitlement. It only weakens our willpower and determination for the things we need. So it makes sense that our teachers and parents tell us that nothing in life is free. And there’s good truth to it as well. Most things in life will take some kind of sacrifice or bargain to achieve it. Even the things that often seem free will require assets that we can’t physically touch or see. You might have to pay for something with time rather than money. Or maybe you pay for something with the exchange of something else you had. It’s a good rule of thumb to remember that you will pay for near everything in life.

But on the same note, there are some things in life that are free. There are things that you don’t have to pay for with money or exchange or real sacrifice. These things are few and far between. It could be something as simple as meditation. You need nothing but you and yourself to meditate and expand your mind. The world cannot charge you for that experience. At the same time, people will always try to charge you for the things we need and want. Many times that means people charging us for things that are truly free in this world. But most people don’t know any better and rather than seek it for free, they pay for it. It’s sad but it happens everyday. You have to remind yourself of the things that are free in life and should always stay free. That is one great way to never pay for the things that you were always able to have. The question though is, what things in life should always be free?

Here’s my thoughts on the things that should always be free in life.

Life can get real expensive real fast. People will charge you for a place to sleep. They will charge you for food to eat. They will charge you for the ability to communicate. They will charge you for the access to knowledge. The world will charge you for pretty much any and everything they can possibly sell. Some people even started a whole business bottling up fresh air and selling it to others. If people need it, they’ll sell it. If people want it, they’ll sell it. If people don’t know that they don’t want it, they will sell it. So it’s no surprise that many people are inundated with all kinds of expensives left and right. You can’t escape the game of paying for things in this life. It’s never a matter of if you’ll pay for something, it’s a matter of what. You just have to pick and choose the things that you can afford, and pay for it.

That being said, there’s a few things that none of us should ever pay for. And it’s not because we can’t afford it. It’s not because nobody’s selling it. It’s because we can find it in this life without spending a dime. One of those things that we should never pay for is, self-actualization. We should never go around paying to find our purpose in this life. That’s a toxic way to see the world. If you think that you have to buy your way into purpose you can forever be held out of your purpose. We were all born into this world with little to nothing. Well, we were born with essentially nothing. And that means our purpose is dependent on nothing. If there was something that we needed to find our purpose in this world it would of been right beside us in the womb. We came here bare naked and we can find our purpose in this world the same way.

Many people think they can’t affect the world in a positive way without some kind of money. Some people think they need to be a billionaire to be able to give back to the less fortunate. That’s not the case. We can all do good for the world with the little that we have. Even if you’re dirt poor, you can provide so much value to the world on just a human to human basis. Sometimes people don’t need another dollar in their cup. Sometimes people need a hug. Sometimes people need someone to lend a listening ear. Sometimes people just need someone to support them. You are enough to create immense good in this world. There’s no amount of money that could create the value a truly focused and purposeful human can in this world. Don’t pay for someone to tell you your destiny or purpose. You can self-actualize with simply yourself.

Another thing that we should never pay for in this world is happiness. This one seems like a no-brainer but ninety percent of the world still disobeys it. It’s really sad to think about because it’s one of the most common misjudgments we make as humans. We see all these rich and famous people on tv. We see all these popular and admired people on social media. And we hear stories of the rich and powerful being idolized throughout history. We then train our minds to think that we need those things to be happy. We see all these happy rich people throughout the media and we can’t help but make the natural connection. When you are rich, powerful, and famous, you are always happy. But really we should making a much different connection. When you are rich, famous, and powerful you always seem happy. And that’s the cold truth.

We’re all humans at the end of the day. This means we all have ups and downs. We all go through the rough times and the great times. There is no exception for a powerful world leader. There is no exception for a famous movie actress. And there is no exception for a newly minted tech billionaire. We can’t buy happiness in this life. And for the people selling you dreams of happiness, they are just that. You should never look to buy happiness, you should look to create it. You should look to foster happiness rather than acquire it. Happiness is a mindset that the poorest of the poor have achieved. You should never have to pay for your happiness in this lifetime. Because if you have to pay for happiness then life would be a game of torture. And that’s not the world we’re living in.

We can’t skate through life freeloading off of everyone. At some point we’re going to have to cough up some money. And that money won’t always be a form of currency. We very well might just have to exchange our opportunites, things, or time as payment in this life. You pay for what you get. But in life there are some things you should never have to pay for. Self-actualization should forever be free in life. And true happiness will forever be free. It doesn’t mean some sleazy sales guy won’t try to sell you fool’s gold. It just means you have to be aware enough to know it when you see it. The world is a beautiful place even with the little some of us have. Aspire for more and work for it everyday. But be grateful for the little you have and cherish it everyday.

When it comes to things in life that are meant to be free, I hope we all learn to be cheap.

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