What sustains you on a daily basis?

Life can be a real struggle. There’s a lot to be happy for and we should always stay positive. But honestly, some days just tick through second by second. It can feel like we’re living in slow motion at times. When it’s a bad day it goes even slower.

Some people have horrible days and not just one day. It can be a whole week that’s just one failure after another. I felt like my whole year in 2018 was happening second by second. But what helps is when we have that one thing that sustains us throughout the day. What sustains you daily?

Here’s what sustains and comforts me daily.

When the days suck for me, they really hit another level of low. I might get bad news that a close friend just lost a family member. Then find out my business is failing and in critical condition. All for it to be followed up with me getting sick and ending up in the hospital. It sucks.

That’s not a normal day but those days do happen. Normal days might suck with me just being dreadfully bored and isolated all day. Nonetheless, I find a way to keep myself comforted throughout both these days. When the day is average I find the same thing that I look to when the day is horrid.

That thing that sustains me is simply the vast and ever expansive internet. I’m so grateful that I’m alive in the generation that I’m in. The internet is such a huge blessing to me and my life. It helps sustain me in so many different ways. And I can’t lie, I find comfort in the internet on a daily basis.

Some days I’ll spend hours watching youtube videos. I can laugh watching funny pranks when I’m having a downer day. It gives me the option to find new subjects and categories I never knew I liked. I just recently watched random videos on competition food eaters. I was drawn into that world for a few hours.

But the internet goes beyond youtube. There’s Netflix when I’m sad and really just want to find a good movie to cry to. That was literally last week. And there’s Spotify that might have the perfect song to get me hyped for the day. I’ll read news articles on the web to stay informed. It doesn’t matter what it is, there’s so much the internet offers me.

When I’m ready to buckle down and kill some business work, guess where I’m getting it all done. Guess where the motivational speeches in the background stream from. Guess where I play games that give me escapism on a stressful day. It’s all the internet. My days look and feel very different sometimes. But the one constant is whenever I need to push through another hour of another day, the internet finds a way to sustain me.

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