What stresses you out?

Stress is the enemy of productivity and happiness. Stress is often a byproduct of hard work. And hard work often means you’re being productive. Stress and productivity go hand in hand but also work against each other. Nobody wants to be stressed out every ten minutes. Stress can be really debilitating for most people. We can all deal with a certain level of stress because we’re resilient by nature. We have the ability to deal with tough times. We aren’t easily broken. Our minds our powerful tools and rarely does it ever decide to just throw in the towel. That said, prolonged amounts of unnecessary stress will get to the most strong-willed people.

It’s important to find the things that stress us out and cut them out of our lives. We don’t have to cut everything that stresses out off. We just need to spend a certain amount of energy making sure we aren’t dealing with stress that is optional. And many times we deal with stress that is optional. We can leave that relationship and get our peace of mind back. We can leave that job and find one that is better for us mentally. We can stop indulging in those habits and replace them with habits that calm us down. Stress will always be a part of our lives. It’s going to happen when you’re trying to do big things. You just have to keep your stressors in check. So what stresses you out?

Here’s my thoughts on what stresses me out.

I get stressed pretty easily and not so easily at the same time. There are things that stress me at the flick of a button. And there are things that couldn’t stress me in a million years. When it comes to dealing with someone that is a hater, I rarely get stressed. If someone has decided that they hate me, there is little to nothing I can do to change their mind. Their mind is already set on something they chose to make their reality. I don’t have to engage or respond to that energy. I just have to be the best version of myself and focus on the things that actually matter to me. So in general, I rarely stress about things that aren’t important to me. And the list of things that aren’t important to me is a pretty long one. But I’ll focus on the list of things that do stress me out.

I get stressed out when someone I’m close to thinks something particular about me. It’s something that rarely happens because my closest friends and family know me very well. But at the same time it happens every once in awhile where someone has an image of me that is completely incorrect. And in most cases I would just keep on with my business. It’s none of my concern what they think. But in the case of close friends and family I start to care a little. I actually start to care a lot. So I will go out of my way to explain myself and my thought process in certain situations. I hope that if they understand my intentions they would be able to better see who I truly am. The only problem is that people don’t always understand your intentions. So it gets stressful trying to explain something that is important to you but nobody is really getting the grasp of.

Another thing I get stressed out about is business. I get stressed about business all the time. I don’t like being stressed out about certain things in life. It’s annoying being stressed and having your entire mood blown. But I don’t feel that way about business. Business stresses me out on a daily basis but it’s a good kind of stress. It’s the kind of stress that I will wake up and look forward to rather than run away from. I think if business was all rainbows and butterflys I wouldn’t be nearly as interested in entrepreneurship. I’m a problem solver by nature. I love searching for efficient and useful solutions to problems. It makes me feel like I’m being productive. And every business in the world has a long running list of problems that need to be solved.

I get stressed by the problems that pop up everyday in business. One day we have to deal with people that are trying to cancel their account. The next day someone wants a refund for the last two months of membership. The next week the site is shut down for some dumb reason. And the month after that we can’t figure out how to fix a bug that is preventing people from signing up on the website. You get a gist of the types of things that go on in a young startup. It’s very stressful by nature. And it stresses me out with ease. I’ve gotten used to the stress though. And I’ve gotten better with dealing with that stress. I’m able to get through majority of the problems without overthinking the stress. When you’ve dealt with so many problems for years, you eventually get good at it.

So I’m okay dealing with business stress. Another stress that I deal with a lot is the stress of being great. There’s always a lot of pressure to be something great. When you’ve been hearing compliments about how amazing you are your whole life it starts hitting home. The pressure starts mounting up and you start realizing that there’s a lot of people watching you. Everybody and their mom has expectations of you. And we’re not talking a normal get good grades type of thing. We’re talking a become the president of the U.S., really high expectations. And when you have that much pressure riding on your back you start to get stressed very easily. Every little thing you do makes the difference between who you are and who people expect you to be. That’s a tough stress to deal with.

Stress in general is tough to deal with. Nobody wants to be stressed out twenty four seven. And nobody deserves to be dealing with stress that is really affecting their quality of life. A little stress here and there can be good for you. It’ll let you know you’re taking on a worthy challenge in the game of life. But if you’re stressed to the point of depression, major anxiety, or mental paralysis then that’s a whole different ball game. We can all be better about how we deal with stress. We just need to be more deliberate about the good stressors like trying to start your own company from scratch, and the bad stressors like a toxic relationship. Figure the difference. Encourage the good stress and avoid the bad stress like the plague.

Stress is the enemy. But sometimes you have to work with the enemy to accomplish the bigger goal.

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