What stands between you and happiness?

Happiness is the ultimate goal. We only want to fall in love because we think it’ll make us happy. We only want to travel because we think it’ll make us happy. We only want to be rich and successful because we think it’ll make us happy. Regardless of our aspirations we’re almost always searching for some amount of happiness. We yearn for true and lasting happiness.

But sometimes we can’t get true happiness. We can acquire all the things that we think we need and still be completely miserable. Many people reach that level of success, fame, and wealth just to still be unhappy. And it’s simply because something else is holding us back from that happiness. We have to search deeper to find the core of what stops us from that joy. What do you believe stands between you and happiness?

Here’s my thoughts on what’s standing between me and happiness.

Happiness is the destination we’re all trying to get to. We don’t care what it takes. It could be money, fame, or crazy experiences. We’re willing to take any and every path to find our happiness in this world. Some people are willing to try drugs to find their happiness. Other people are willing to sell their soul to find true happiness. In our eyes, it will always be worth the sacrifice.

But happiness is much more than a simple destination. We won’t find happiness at the end of our goals and dreams. Maybe we’ll be a lot happier when we become a famous rapper. Maybe we’ll be a lot happier when we get married and start a family. But the truth is our happiness is not a result of achieving those things. Our happiness just happened to be a byproduct or in correlation of those things.

True happiness is a mindset. We can have happiness at any moment in our lives. It takes a very unique point of view and seeing the world for what it is. Happiness takes a very disciplined and postive mindset. We can be happy at the poorest of times. We can be happy at the most successful of times. But we won’t find true happiness unless we develop the mindset it takes to find it.

The thing that holds me back from happiness is that exact mindset. Just because you know how something works, it doesn’t mean you can recreate it. I know that happiness is more mental than environmental. I know I can be happy in poverty. I know I can be happy in pain and sick. I know I can be happy in stressful or frustrating situations. But for whatever reason, I choose not to be happy now in this moment.

I find myself looking to reach my goals in hope that I will find true happiness at the end. I still aspire to achieve all the things I know won’t bring me happiness. I work hard to become financially independent. I work hard to build a business I’m proud of. I work hard to travel the world with friends. I work hard to experience one of kind events. I do all these things in hope that I’ll find that happiness. In my heart I know I won’t find the happiness.

I think the thing holding me back from finding that happiness now is my motivation to be great. I think that without the motivation of happiness I will find no purpose in aspiring for great accomplishments. I don’t want to lose my motivation. I work off delayed gratification to get my goals done. But without any gratification at the end of the journey, deep down I fear I won’t ever finish the journey. It sucks. But I know one day I will look towards myself for the true happiness I know I can find. What holds you back from your happiness?

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