What specific character trait do you want to be known for?

People define us by the traits they see us exhibit. Someone can say they’re trustworthy a million times but if you see them cheat and steal daily, you won’t believe it. Actions speak louder than words. And people are always watching our actions. When you’re at work, your boss is watching your character to see if you’re good for the promotion coming up. When you have friends they observe your characters silently to decide how good of friends you guys should really be. And that’s pretty much the case in any situation in life. People observe our character traits and make judgments on them. And many times, the judgments are pretty accurate. We’re naturally wary of people who speak on their character more than they show it.

It usually makes people feel off if someone has to go on and on about how great of a person they are. If you’re truly a great person, it will show eventually. You don’t have to scream it from the rooftops. Nobody wants to come off as that shady person that lies about their true character. In fact many people have an idea of what character traits are really important to them personally. Some people want to be know as a confident person. Other people want to be known as a truly caring person. Out of all those different traits, there’s usually one or two that you hold very close to yourself. Those are the traits that if we died today, we’d want everyone to remember us as. And many people will fight and claw to protect that trait and image. You just have to be clear about what that trait is and why it’s important to you. So what specific character trait do you want to be known for?

Here’s my thoughts on what specific character trait I want to be known for.

Immediately when I think of character traits that are important to me, the word “Honesty” comes up. I’m a big person on being honest and transparent with people. I have a personal vendetta with people that are intentionally deceptive to hurt other people. It’s one of the least respectable things someone can do in my eyes. We’re all humans. We’re all put into tough situations. And we’re all going through the plights of life together. The one thing we can do is be honest and transparent with each other. If we’re honest and open, we can all work together to be better. But that’s not the way things work in this world. Everything is a competition with people trying to claw ahead of their neighbors. And that usually leads to deception and lying to others to get an advantage. I hate it.

But that’s not the character trait that I think is the most important to me. Yes, honesty is super important. But I’ve lied at times too. And I hated those moments. I do my best to never lie but of course it’s damn near impossible. It doesn’t mean I won’t hold myself to a higher standard than most. And that’s where I think my true character trait comes in. I think I want to be known for having integrity. I want people to remember that Tim was always Tim. He never changed his values and morals for other people. I was always honest with myself and embraced the truth. I always did what I felt was right in the moment and the long run. And no matter the tempation or tribulation I stayed true to myself through it all. That’s the character trait that I want to be remembered for. That’s honesty on the insided. Integrity.

I pray that I forever keep my integrity… else how could I live with myself?

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