What small act of kindness were you once shown that you will never forget?

What goes around comes around. Some people believe in this statement, while others don’t. Regardless, we should still treat others how we want to be treated. That’s just good etiquette and the right thing to do. So when there’s a chance to be kind, we should do it.

There’s many times in our lives where others are kind to us. And nobody has to be kind. They choose to do it. And it makes a big difference sometimes. Think about someone buying all the groceries for someone that’s struggling paycheck to paycheck. We should remember these kind moments to inspire us to do the same. So what small acts of kindness have a permanent imprint on your mind?

Here’s the act of kindness I will never forget.

There are so many kind people in my life. I’m surrounded by people who help me on a weekly and daily basis. There’s times a friend takes me to the hospital, a sibling rubs my back, or any amount of other things. So there’s surely not a shortage of acts of kindness in my life.

But if there’s an act of kindness, I will always remember it would be the lady that offered me an apple on the airplane. That’s kind in and of itself but there’s more to this story. And it makes the act so much more memorable in my mind.

I was in Ohio on a business trip working for my startup. I was all alone and ended up getting super sick in intense pain all over. I cut the trip short and bought a new four hundred dollar ticket to get home to Atlanta where my family and doctors could help me.

On the flight, I was in so much pain but trying to keep it under wraps. I was rocking back and forth in discomfort. The lady beside me was very observational and noticed something was wrong. She sweetly asked what was wrong and said I seemed to be in pain. I was shocked because people usually don’t notice.

She felt so bad and started asking how she could help. I told her I took my meds and all I could do was hope they help. She rumbled through her bag offering me any and everything she could. She offered motrin, rubbing the pain, and eventually an apple.

None of those things would help the pain. But I could see how bad she cared and wanted to help me feel better. I accepted the apple. I ate it because I was so grateful for her kindness. And it was the least I could do to make her feel like she was helping. I will never forget that apple.

She proceeded to talk with me the entire flight. She kept me occupied and we had a great conversation. My mind was completely off the pain and discomfort. She was like my mother away from home. And before I knew it, we were touching down in Atlanta.

She was truly a blessing. I’m thankful that she so happened to be seated beside me on that terrifying flight home. She even got my number and texted me and my family to made sure I made it home safely that evening. I will never forget her or the apple that she was kind enough to give me. And I hope to pay it forward with the kindness she showed me.

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