What simple gesture have you recently witnessed that renewed your hope in humanity?

The world is a beautiful and inspiring place. But at the same time the world is a dark and depressing place. There’s always some kind of negative story on the news. One day it’s a mass shooting in a school trying to uplift the younger generations. The next day it’s a freak accident of mother nature wiping out entire islands. There’s no doubting that there’s dark and negative things in this world. And what’s worse is we, the people that live here, are often the people that cause a lot of the chaos. It doesn’t make sense to cause pain to the people we need and want to prosper. But in a world filled with pride, greed, jealousy, and entitlement there’s bound to be conflict. And all we can do is try to start by being better ourselves.

It’s just hard to believe in humanity and our general goodwill when you see so much negativity. We see people take lives for a hundred bucks. And some people that lie and deceive the people they truly love for temporary pleasure. It’s sad. But there’s also good in the world. And in those dark and discouraging moments, we should turn to the good. There’s more than enough good to outweigh the bad. You just have to be looking for it. But if you take the time to notice the big and small good in the world, you can find hope again. And we all have moments where even if just for a second we believe in humanity and see the true beauty in the world. That can come from big and small gestures alike. But it’s really special when a simple gesture, shows so much hope and optimism that inspires you. So what simple gesture have you recently witnessed that renewed your hope in humanity?

Here’s a short story on what simple gesture I recently witnessed that renewed my hope in humanity.

Dwayne and I were in Cincinnati, Ohio for the weekend. We just finished up at the expo in the city. We were at the hotel trying to figure out what we were going to do for the rest of the night. We were staying pretty close to the city and it was a Saturday night. So we decided to go out to downtown Cincinatti and check out the night life. As were getting ready we were just talking about what we could potentially do. We both weren’t big on drinking and we had an early flight the next morning. So we figured we could check out some bars and stuff. Then at the last second I realized that the University of Cincinatti was ten minutes up the street. So we made a last minute adjustment. We decided to go to the college town area and check out that night life. We were hoping to meet some interesting girls that could show us around.

The uber driver dropped us off right at the front of the university. We looked across the street and saw hundreds of college students walking up and down the street. We immediately knew we were in the right place. But we had no idea which bars to check out. So we just started walking down the street and following the crowd. We got to one bar that was small with no space for anyone to really move. We felt claustrophobic and decided to leave after five minutes of being in there. We started walking down the street again and found a different place that looked interesting. In this place, everyone was sitting at the bar and drinking. Nobody was on the dance floor or mingling. It felt weird being the only ones on the dance floor so we left. The next bar was packed with people getting hype and dancing. But the music was house, electronic and we didn’t know any of the songs. So we left.

After jumping in and out of bars for almost two hours we were pretty fed up. There were a lot of people at the bars but we couldn’t find one that felt right for us. So we kept walking and stopped a pair of girls that looked like they had good taste. We asked them for a good bar to check out. They pointed all the way to the end of the street to what looked liked trees and bushes. We looked confused but just nodded and said thanks. We had no other options so we started walking into the middle of nowhere. As we got to the end of the street there was a shack-like house that looked abandoned. We knocked on the door and a security guy opened up. He checked our IDs and told us it was twenty bucks each to get in. I immediately started heckling the guy until he dropped it to ten bucks. I was still skeptical so I paid ten bucks to go in while Dwayne waited outside.

I did one quick walkthrough and could clearly tell it wasn’t worth it. There was no more than ten people inside sitting down on their phones. I walked out and told Dwayne it was a bust. We turned around and started walking back towards the university with our heads slumped in disappointment. We figured we could just get back to the front of the university, grab some food, and Uber back to the hotel. As we were walking there was two guys that, were walking towards the scam shack club. They asked us if it was good inside there. And I quickly bust out laughing telling them to run the other way. They laughed and asked where we heading now then. We told them nowhere really. And they told us they knew the area pretty well. They told us that they knew of a pretty good spot that we would surely enjoy. Dwayne and I were over it but decided we’d give it one last shot.

One of the guys had to head home but the other guy stayed around and walked us down to his recommended spot. He told us his name was Asaph. We walked and talked and learned a lot about each other. The spot ended up being amazing when we got there. It was high energy with great music. And there were tons of girls and guys just having a good time. We hung out for an hour and half then headed out. He told us all kinds of crazy stories of his travels as we walked down to a pizza shop up the street. We all got food and we told him some of crazy stories travelling. We told him about our business and why we were even in Ohio. We had some pretty dope conversations about all kinds of things. At the end, we got to our rental car and drove him almost thirty minutes to his college. We enjoyed his company and became good friends.

When we pulled up to his college, it was almost five in the morning, and raining. He told us he had something for us, that we should wait one second. We told him it was fine that we were going to head out. And then he insisted that we should wait. We said okay. As we sat there in the dark with a single flickering street light, we thought about how we were surely going to get robbed. He was probably going to get a gun, and rob us for everything while we were parked in the middle of a random parking lot. Then Asaph came running back to the car, getting drenched in rain and he handed us a hand crafted jewel elephant. It was a beautiful work of art. He said he wanted us to keep it remember the friendship and to show his gratefulness for us helping him that night. It was simple. But I felt a renewed hope in humanity in that moment. That was such a genuine and selfless act of kindness.

Thanks so much for being a genuine and awesome dude, Asaph. That elephant still sits on my desk to this day, bro!

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