What recent memory makes you smile the most?

Memories are some of the most precious treasures in life. We experience amazing things in this world. When you fall in love for the first time, it feels like you’re walking on cloud nine. When you have a child for the first time, you feel a true unbreakable bond. When you reach a goal you’ve worked your butt off for, you feel an immeasurable amount of pride. Those are a handful of the millions of amazing things we can experience in this world. But we also experience some challenging moments. When you get you your heart broken for the first time, it scars you on a deep level. When you watch your child walk a path that you know will hurt them, it pains you to your core. When you fail at a goal that you’ve worked years for, it breaks your spirit into pieces. There will be good and bad experiences in this life.

But all of those experiences add value to our lives. We became the person we are today because of those challenging experiences. And we’ll become the person we’re meant to be tomorrow by striving for those amazing experiences. The problem is we only have one life to experience all these things. And in this one life, things move at a hundred miles per hour. A moment is here now and gone tomorrow. Everything seems so fleeting. And all we really have to hold on to those special experiences is our memories. Memories keep those good and bad moments close to our hearts. And we need to keep those memories close to remember all that we’ve been through in this life. We should especially remember the moments that make us smile. The moments that make you smile will keep you going in the tough moments. So what recent memory makes you smile the most?

Here’s a short story on what recent memory makes me smile the most.

The most recent memory that makes me smile the most is what I was just doing a few minutes ago. I was having a pretty productive day today. I woke up early and took a shower. I didn’t want to get up out of bed because I was super tired. But I knew I had an appointment to make. So I eventually jumped up and took the shower. After, I got ready for the day by brushing my teeth and putting on some clothes. Then I gave my mom a call because I knew she needed to be up and getting ready as well. When she got on the phone, she was already ready for the day. So I put on my hoodie and walked down stairs. We got in the car and headed towards the city. We got to Grady and I showed her around the place. It was only my second time visiting a doctor there but I knew more than her.

We had a pretty cool doctors visit. She said she liked my new doctor and I totally agreed. He was knowledgeable, understanding, and kind. We did a quick tour of the rest of the facilities and then headed home. In the car, I was just playing music that I had on playlist called “Faith in Tomorrow”. It was the only playlist that I knew didn’t have much if any cursing in it. So I just played those songs. But most of the songs were super inspiring in nature. I felt the playlist made you feel inspired for growth and success in the future. But when I was playing it in the car I didn’t realize that I would feel the opposite. I started thinking of the absolute low points I had in the last year. It was hard to really wrap my mind around all the struggles I recently went through. And as I was sitting there driving I started getting a little sad.

I was reminded of how dark and cold the world really could be. I know my mom didn’t notice. She was just sitting there on her phone passively listening to the songs. They all sounded like positive uplifting songs on the surface. And they were positive songs. It was just my mind working against me and making me feel down and bad. I just kept a straight face while driving. I didn’t want my mom to feel that I was sad. I didn’t want her to worry about me. I knew that it would pass eventually. I just had to get through the car ride and play some other music. It was only thirty minutes in total. So I sat there for thirty minutes in my feelings mad at who knows what. Then when I got home, I dropped my mom off at the house. I figured I would go get a few things done around the area. I had a couple of random errands I needed to do.

So I went up the street to the barbershop. As soon as I started driving towards the shop, I turned on the most hype and exciting music I could find. It was all high energy and positive. It was a playlist of songs that would put in the mood to party or something like that. I smiled and got hype for a quick second at first. But then out of nowhere I couldn’t help but stop smiling. I got to the barbershop thinking I would be fine. But instead I was still feeling pretty meh. I got my haircut, smiled, and left a tip. I felt bad for being in such a slump that I wanted to tip her for the inconvenience of having to be around me. I got in the car and played some more hype music. It wasn’t working. I headed to the gym and got a quick workout in. The workout pumped my state but I was still feeling dull in my mind. Maybe it was the gray gloomy weather that was dragging me down. Nonetheless, I headed to Oneeka’s house to take her to school.

I got much happier when she got in the car with her bubbly, happy personality. But I was still being chill and nonchalant. We talked in the car. I dropped her off. And headed home. Everything was chill. Then I remembered it was Halloween. I turned on some eerie Halloween music to blast in the house. Then Kacey, and Oneeka (who was back from school a few hours later) started dancing like hooligans. It was hilarious. Then some kids came knocking on the door. I went and grabbed the extra candy I had from my candy selling side hustle. I gave it to Kacey and Oneeka to hand out. I was smiling from cheek to cheek as they danced crazily. Then I went and got my over-the-top bunny mask out the closet and put it one. We all started dancing to Thriller and Beat It by Michael Jackson. It was a great time. My mom, her friend, Remi, and Myca even joined in and started dancing.

When I think of the most recent memory that makes me smile, it is easily this one. I know I have many other amazing memories that make me smile from cheek to cheek. But in my immediate memory, the hour or two we spent just goofing around was a lot of fun. We rarely all get together and dance just for the fun of it. Pretty much everyone in the house got together and made a thing out of it. That was a great time for me and I really enjoyed myself. Thinking of my mom dancing around in bunny mask makes me laugh and smile easily. Maybe I like the memory because I was in such a bland mood all day. Or maybe it’s just because the power of good music, holiday spirit, and family is touching. I don’t know. But I do know I enjoyed hanging out with them. And I think we should all get together and just dance for the heck of it more often. It was also a really good exercise at the same time.

Thanks you all for making simple moments like that easy to smile about. Love you all!

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