What questions do you often ask yourself?

Questions are the single best tool for information retrieval. Questions are inquiries put out in the world that beckon a response. A question needs an answer just as much as an answer needs a question. Nobody wants tons of useful information that they didn’t ask for. Likewise, asking millions of questions that are never answered would drive anyone insane. Questions need answers. And questions are one of the best ways to get answers, info, and understanding. It’s one of the single best ways we can extract information from another person’s mind. Questions can be used to better understand someone on much deeper level. Questions can be used to play with someone’s mind and confuse them. The power of questions is a true one. And most of browse over it every day.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t use questions. We use questions all the time in our everyday lives. When you’re applying for a new job, the interviewer will ask you a series of questions trying to get a good grasp of who you are. We talk to our friends and ask some of the simplest questions like, “How was your day?”. And that single question can open up a whole conversation about a hilarious story of grabbing the wrong coffee at work. And of course one of the best ways we use questions is when we ask them to ourselves. This is often a great tool for introspection. We have an inner dialogue where we ask ourselves questions that we often need to answer. And many times it helps us better understand ourselves or the world around us. You should always be eager to ask yourself great questions. So what questions do you often ask yourself?

Here’s my thoughts on the questions that I often ask myself?

Well this is a pretty awkward question. I’m here on like day 314 of asking myself questions everyday about to answer the question, “What questions do you ask often ask yourself?”. If that isn’t a mindfuck, then I don’t know what is. It’s one of the most ironic questions I’ve had to answer all year. Simply because the questions I’ve been asking myself often are obviously all the questions I’ve been answering this year. All the questions I’ve been answering just like this very one. But it’s still a question and I still have to answer it. So rather than write a full on sarcastic post about how I’m currently answering the question that I’ve been asking myself often, I’ll be more to the point. Although, that would of been a pretty fun and interesting post to write. Maybe next time. Nonetheless, there’s a lot of other questions I quietly ask myself.

I ask myself, “Why am I doing this?” all the time. I hate doing things that I don’t enjoy. But that’s pretty much any normal person on Earth. Thank goodness I’m a normal human being. However, I really make an effort not to spend time on things that I truly don’t care about. I hate wasting my time doing things that truly aren’t important to me. So when I find myself doing something I dread or hate, I start to get a little critical. I start looking around at my circumstances. I start asking myself questions about the true reason I’m doing what I’m doing. Am I going to the gym to get a six pack and get a random girl’s approval? Am at this event because I truly wanted to be here or because I felt peer pressured into attending? Do I even really care about disappointing the person that invited me here? Am I on Tinder because I want casual hookups or because all my other friends are doing it?

So that’s the first one. I’m always taking an accountability check with myself on the reason I’m doing things. If I’m doing things for the wrong reasons then it won’t be long before I stop doing it. For example, writing answers to all these questions everyday. Why on Earth would I subject myself to this kind of torture? One new post answering a question everyday? That’s insane. Maybe I want to become some really popular online blogger? That would be nice. Or maybe I want to get really good at writing. That would be cool but I could of just taken some overpriced online course. The reason I write these answers daily is because it was a personal challenge. I challenged myself. I want to stretch my mind and train myself to be disciplined. I don’t need a single person to view these posts. A year later and I’ve only garnered a measly five hundred page views. Clearly my motivations aren’t fame and recognition.

I just want to write these answers because I think it’s a good mental exercise. It’s a good way to spend time being introspective. And I think all these thoughts, stories, and lessons I’m writing have a greater purpose at the end of the road. But that’s another days story to reveal. Right now, I’ll just keep answering the question at hand. Another question I ask myself often is, “Why not?” This question is literally the key to how my mind works. Every idea and thought that I hear usually goes through this filter question in my mind. I either ask, “Why?” or “Why not?”. If I say let’s create a brand new world currency and my teacher says you can’t just create a new currency my mind immediately starts thinking, “Why not?”. The impossible will never be possible until you try and make it possible.

So I make a point to often ask myself why something isn’t possible. It helps me to better understand a subject. And it often helps me come up with fresh, novel ideas on how to approach a problem. It often seems like a pessimistic way of thinking. And maybe it is. But it is also a very great way to be a good problem solver. Ask yourself why and why not. That’s how I approach almost every problem I encounter. And then one of the least liked questions that I ask myself often is, “What’s the point?” This is definitely a very dark way to see the world. But sometimes you have to say what’s truly on your mind. At times I can be working hard to big goals and dreams and then realize the whole world is going to shit anyway. So what is really the point of all the things that we’re doing right now?

Thankfully, I usually answer that question in my own head. I have to remind myself just because you know you’re going to fail doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. And that’s a beautiful truth that we should all remember. Many people stop themselves from trying things because they know in their heart that they’re going to fail. They know that the girl would never want to go on a date with them. They know they would never be able to get that dream job working at Google. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Fail with confidence. Learn from your failures. Then get up and try again. You never know when the tides will fall in your favor. Sometimes we have to take the chances that seem impossible. Even I subject myself to this bad thinking sometimes. I have to remind myself to take more risks and embrace my failures head on. But those are a few of the questions I often ask myself.

Now the question is, what are the questions that you often ask yourself?

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