What positive changes have you made in your life recently?

Everything around us is changing at all times. The world is in motion. That motion is forward and forward means change. The leaves on the trees change colors as seasons pass by. The people around us evolve from careless kids to prideful adults. The rules of the world change from protecting everyone to everyone for themselves. Whether things are changing for better or worse are up to debate. But things are certainly changing. Sometimes it seems like the only thing that’s not changing is yourself. It’s easy to become stagnant in life.

It takes deliberate time and effort to change for the better. You have to pick up the books and learn new things. You have to drop that bad habit and replace it with a better one. You have to drop the toxic people and become whole with yourself. Positive change is not something that happens passively. It’s a choice and it takes work. We all have to be vigilant because as humans we’re always changing just like the world around us. Those changes can make us darker, broken versions of ourselves. Or we can evolve into a happier, better version of ourselves. You have to take it into your own hands. So what positive changes have you made in your life recently?

Here’s my thoughts on what positive changes I’ve made in my life recently.

This is a tough one to answer. I’m usually always doing things to get better in my life. If it’s not business, it’s fitness. If it’s not fitness, it’s socially. I’m obsessed with growth and becoming better at things over time. But for whatever reason, right now just hasn’t been my most productive moment. I’ve been accustomed to challenging myself in multiple ways to improve. Now I’m in a state of recovery. I’m trying to take time to beceome stable before pushing to get better. I want to make good change but I have to stop bad change first. Nonetheless, here’s my thoughts on a few positive changes I’ve made in my life. Some of them are really a stretch.

I’ve been taking more time to myself as of late. There has been a lot of times that I would want to be alone and instead would be around others. In the past that would aggravate me to my core. I had to smile and put on a front that I was fine when I was truly yearning to be alone. That broke me on the inside many times before. Now I’ve been taking a lot of time to myself when I need it. I went to Phoenix, Arizona for a whole month. It was refreshing to get away from the hustle and bustle of Atlanta. I was able to clear my mind and focus on my own mental happiness. It was a very productive trip.

In the past I would of never done something like that. I couldn’t dare leave my home base. I had too many things going on with too many people depending on me. And I don’t know if that was all in my head or I really do have a lot of strings in Atlanta but I threw it all out the window. It’s been a positive change for me spending time to myself. As I write this there’s a bunch of friends going to Alexa’s birthday party in the city. I love Alexa and I know it would be a lot of fun. But I also know in my heart I’m not in the condition to be partying and turning up with a bunch of people. I’m opting to stay at home, write, think, and relax. That’s a great positive change I’ve had.

Another positive change I’ve made is my approach to getting business stuff done. This change is similar to the first one in ways. Environment is so important to our productivity. In the past, I would do all my work from my bed on the laptop. It worked for me to an extent. It was just never easy. It was a battle to get things going and to stay focused. Now I’m taking myself out of my home to find a productive place to work. The time I spend in a work environment is a hundred times more productive than when I stay at home. So Dwayne and I have been setting up camp at Barnes and Nobles almost daily. That’s our new workspace until we get a legit office.

That has been a positive change in my life. I feel so much more productive when I finish a session at Barnes and Nobles. So many more things get done in the day. And when I go home I feel relieved because I’m in a space to relax, not think of work. Of course that doesn’t mean I don’t still think about business. Then there’s the way I’ve been approaching business in general. I’ve stopped spending weeks and months trying to tackle problems I’m not experienced in. I’ve started outsourcing talent. There’s almost always someone more experienced in my problems than I am. I’ve been quicker to find outside help to work with me rather than try to do everything alone.

That has been a true saving grace for the business. It makes a huge difference for the productivity and how we spend our time. We’re not being stubborn like we used to as young adults starting our first business. Well we’re still stubborn but just a lot less than before. That has been a good change for the way I approach problems in business and life in general. Those are just a handful of the things that are positive changes in my life. I know there are many more but I can only think of those off the top of my head. I’m not mad though. Sometimes we’re growing more than other times. Now is my recovery time. When it’s growth time the list will go on forever.

I’m just glad there’s some kind of progress being made. If we’re not growing we’re dying. I always remember that.

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