What personal prisons have you built out of fears?

Nobody wants to go to prison. The thought of prison is scary enough to keep ninety percent of the world on track. Half of us have never even been to prison but we know we don’t want to be there. No one wants to be restricted in movement, activity, and time. That’s a true nightmare.

But there’s more prisons than just the ones built with concrete and wire fences. There are personal prisons that we each build ourselves. These prisons can usually be much more binding than the physical prisons we see. These prisons or tailored perfectly to who we are and made to keep us locked up. The first step to breaking out of personal prisons is identifying them. So today the question is what are the personal prisons you’ve built out of fear?

Here’s the prisons I’ve personally built and my thoughts on them.

There are many prisons that I have built around myself. There’s the prison of not being understood because I never open up to people. There’s the prison of being unhealthy and sick because I live like I’m perfectly healthy. And there’s the prison of not being liked because I’m not very emotionally understanding to others. These things suck. But they’re nowhere near as crippling as my main prison.

The prison I built miles around me is forever working and never being satisfied. This may not sound like a normal prison that people have but I assure you it is a prison. I’m stuck in the grind. That’s the prison. No matter how much success I achieve it will never be enough. I’m always looking for the next step.

My life is a never ending rat race. Even though I choose to work for myself, myself is always demanding more work. Imagine that. You have a boss that may say nine to five everyday. I’m my own boss. That’s my choice. But I’m always expecting more and more work, progress, and achievements for myself.

The question is why do I have this prison. Where did it come from. What is the underlying fear that motivates this fear? The answer is the fear of missing out. I believe that I am a one of kind genius with the blessing of being a great problem solver and businessperson. That’s great but it leaves me with a lot of pressure.

I constantly think about all I could be. I feel like I’m destined to do great things in the world and I have the perfect formula to be successful in almost everything I aspire to do. The problem is I know that things don’t just fall on our lap. It takes work and dedication to become truly great and achieve big goals. My fear is that I’m slacking.

At any moment I think to myself that I may be wasting all my potential. I fear that I will never reach the greatness I was destined to become. So every minute I’m asking myself, “Is this the most productive use of my time?” That scares me. Choosing to sleep in an extra hour could be the one hour difference for me becoming a billionaire and just staying stuck in life.

It’s a nightmare living with that on my mind 24/7. It’s a loaded question with expectations that are unrealistic. There will always be something more productive to be doing. I will never be perfect and immortalized in history. But for some reason I try to live up to those expectations. That’s the prison I materialized from my fear of not realizing potential. Sad but true. Prison doesn’t have to be forever though, so I hope to be released one day.

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