What or who has been distracting you?

At any given moment there’s a million and one people that want to get your attention. The day and age we live in is built around an attention economy. The more people you have listening to you, the more influential you become. And it’s hard to really take control of your own time and energy when you’re in a constant battle for it. And we’re not talking about some small internal battle. There’s thousands of companies pouring millions of dollars into ads, shows, songs, and anything else they can create to get your attention. It’s almost scary to think about at times.

But it’s not just big corporations that are fighting for our attention. The very people and things we surround ourselves with become a distraction as well. It could be as simple as a clingy spouse or as complex as a multi-billion dollar corporation with a never-ending newsfeed of addictive content. That’s the reality of the world we live in today. And distractions will do you in, in the truest sense. It can be the difference between building that million dollar business or failing to get off the ground. You have to stay accountable for the things and people that distract you. So what or who has been distracting you?

Here’s a short story on what or who has been distracting me.

There’s many different things that have been distracting me in life. No one thing could possibly distract me into getting completely off track in life. There’s very strong influences and temptations in life but I’m very adament on the things I want for myself. My future is very clear to me. So when I get distracted from that future it is many different things working in cohesion. And that’s how my life has been as of late. I’ve been off track because of multiple different distractions. Here’s a few of them.

We were driving on the road with another four hours ahead of us. I was thinking about this moment for a little while now. It was finally business time. We were going hard on Sparketh so we can grow our customer base. It was never fun and rainbows during expo season. But it was fun seeing the progress we made every year. And we were built for this type of hustle, putting our whole hearts into our work. I was excited to be on the road to one of the first expos in this expo season. I know Dwayne was excited for this moment as well.

It was bittersweet thinking about the growth but all the hard work that was ahead of us. And in four hours we would be bombarded by families wanting to know more about Sparketh and what we built over these years. But as I was driving the excitement quickly faded. I became stressed and slightly depressed out of nowhere. I started zoning out thinking about DeAsia and our relationship. There was so much turbulence going on between us in the last few months. And my mind only got worse over the weeks. The whole expo tour was a sad grey blur for me that year. I was completely distracted by DeAsia.

It was Monday so I knew I had to upload a course. It was every single week we had to get these courses up. It was more than enough time to design, record, edit, and publish a new art course. I usually had a whole week from the last recording to edit all the videos. But for whatever reason I didn’t get to it this week. Today the course was supposed to go up. I should of immediately got to working on editing the footage. Instead I was excited about the new gun released on Call of Duty. So I jumped up and logged into my Playstation 4. It was only going to be an hour or two.

It was almost eight hours later when I got a text from Dwayne. He was concerned about us getting the course up today. We always cut it close with our publish times but this was even more risky. I was stuck playing my game and didn’t even see the text. Then when I finally checked my phone it was past twelve midnight. We missed the deadline. I shut the game off and got on my computer. I edited all the videos for the course nonstop. I text Dwayne and he already knew what happened. He can see when I’m logged in, playing Call of Duty. There was nothing we could do at that point. I uploaded the course late. Call of Duty and other video games are always distracting me.

That’s just two of many other things that distract me. I’m distracted often by my health deteriorating. Spending weeks in the hospital is never fun and I can never get any work done. I’ve also been distracted recently by watching all kinds of random videos on Youtube. The videos you can find on there can be so interesting sometimes. I also get distracted by new and interesting business ideas. Sometimes it’s a simple side hustle I can do on my free time. Other times it’s a whole new business idea that takes all my attention from my current business. There’s a million different things distracting me at any given moment.

But I will never let distractions do me in. At least not without a fight!

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