What one thing have you not done that you really want to do?

Our lives are not forever. Nothing around us is forever. And that’s a truth that keeps us all grounded in life. We must be honest with what all that we can and can’t do in the lifetime we’re given. It’s important that we prioritize and spend time doing things we really want to.

But the truth is, we just might not get to everything. Some things we want to do happen in a week. Other things could takes decades if not a whole lifetime. So a good habit is checking up on the things we want to do often. Then we should start working to do it. But it always start with asking ourselves, what one thing have we not done that we really want to do?

Here’s what I really want to do and my thoughts on it.

There’s so many things that I want to do. I’m very ambitious so naturally there are bigger and better goals I aspire to achieve every day. I want to get licensed to fly airplanes. I want to go skydiving. I want to solve a Rubik’s cube. Those are just a few but they’re all important to me in some way.

But if I had to pick one thing I really want to do that I haven’t, it would be a documentary. I want to film and produce my very own documentary. That sounds ambitious but I know it’s possible. I’ve seen and met people that have made their own documentaries from scratch. It’s admirable.

There’s many reasons I really want to create my own documentary. One reason is I soak up so much knowledge. I’m always eager to read non-fiction books, listen to podcasts, and watch documentaries. I soak up so much valuable knowledge and insight into the world. But I hate the thought of keeping it all to myself.

I don’t want to die with all the knowledge I’ve acquired sitting in my head. I can do so much more for the world by sharing my thoughts and unique perspective on things. I know I’ve learned so much from documentaries. I want to provide that same value to others by giving them something to watch and learn from.

On the same note, I love film and video. I’ve been practicing filmmaking since I was in middle school. I picked up a cheap forty dollar videocamera and have been hooked ever since. I’ve gotten really good at many parts of creating enticing videos. And even though I don’t create videos as often as I used to, I study the craft almost daily.

I could always write a book to share my knowledge. That is also something I hope to do. But I think a documentary or film would allow me to use all my videomaking skills in a productive way. Essentially, I would be killing two birds with one stone. Put my skills to use and share my knowledge to others.

The only reason I haven’t created a documentary is my other occupations. I’m so focused on the goals in front of me that I’ve put documentaries on the back burner. It sucks. But I know that to accomplish big goals you have to be very focused. So right now I practice patience and know that given the right opportunity I will jump to make my own documentary. What are you hoping to do that you haven’t yet?

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