What one ‘need’ and one ‘want’ will you strive to achieve in the next twelve months?

Evolution is a long and drawn out process. Change often happens over long periods of time. It takes small consistent effort to make long lasting changes. But for some reason most people hope to become a living legend in mere days. Many people truly believe that major success and growth happens overnight. And while it’s surely possible, that kind of rocketship success only happens once in a billion. It’s much more realistic to set goals that and work towards it with consistent and deliberate effort.

This is how some of the world’s most successful and happy people achieve their reality. Nobody hands it to them. They set the goal and move slowly but surely in that direction. And we should all do the same. But we first have to decide what goals do we truly need and want to accomplish. And often we can make significant progess in the span of a year rather than a week. So tell me… What one ‘need’ and one ‘want’ will you strive to achieve in the next twelve months?

Here’s a short story on the one need and one want I strive to achieve in the next twelve months.

Actually, since this is a two part question I’ll break my answer down into two short stories. This first one is about what I need. Back when I was younger I was in out the hospital for my sickle cell disease. But it was a rare occurence. We’re talking about once every three months or so. And they didn’t always result in hospital admissions. And I remember as a young kid never making any connections. I just thought this was life and every kid goes to the hospital every three months.

But then one day sitting in the hospital bed with my mom things got scary. I was lifelessly watching some tv show as my mom was on the phone for work. As I was in a blur sitting in the hospital room, I tried to laugh at something on the tv and couldn’t take a breath. I was swallowing, shaking, and trying to breath but I couldn’t. I waved my mother down and she looked over and could tell something was amiss. She instantly dropped the phone and ran to get a nurse. As I was coughing and trying to get air they put an oxygen mask on which helped a lot.

Eventually, they got my breathing back to normal and I was fine breathing wise. But that was the moment that I realized I’m not in the hospital for a glorified school excuse. I’ll likely die in one of these beds one day. Shortly after is when I learned for the first time that people with Sickle Cell Disease have a life span of 30 years. That was a long time ago. And I just accepted that reality. But I’ve always known I can do anything I put my mind to. So this year the one need I’ll focus on is improving and optimizing my health. I’m in control of my own destiny.

The second story isn’t nearly as crazy as the last one. But this is still a story of why I picked this one want to focus on for the next year. A few years ago I was gifted a suite of amazing one of kind sneakers from the team over at Nike. It was truly some touching gifts. They had so much sentiment to me but I wasn’t the biggest on wearing brand new sneakers all the time. So I kept them locked up in safe place where I could always have them. And that’s where they would stay until I had fancy glass cases to display them in.

But then one weekend my brother who’s huge into basketball asked to see them. And I didn’t mind brushing off the dust to show off my small but special shoe collection. And he liked everything that I showed him. When I showed him the high top Kobe’s he was obsessed. It was the perfect basketball shoe. And he asked to borrow them. And of course I immediately declined. He eventually asked me many time on different occasions over the months. And I always declined. Then one day it hit me.

I had something special that meant a lot to me. It was special to him to but more importantly it was a tool that could help him progress in his craft. And then I imagined that my brother got one of the world renowned, super expensive RED cameras. And knowing that I’m passionate about videography, would he let me use it? That’s when I called him up to my room and gave him the box of high-top Kobe sneakers to have. The one want that I strive to focus on in the next year is helping set my friends and family up for success and growth. I want everyone I love to progress and enjoy life in the fullest.

That’s what I want and need in the next year. Now I just have to go work towards them!

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