What music do you listen to to lift your spirits when you’re feeling down?

Music is a powerful tool that can influence almost anyone’s emotional state. It’s really an understatement to say music makes you feel good. Music can make us feel good. Music can make us feel sad. And it can make us feel pretty much any emotion inbetween happy and sad. It’s one of those things that you don’t realize has so much power until it’s affected you personally. As a kid, I just thought music was meant for dancing. People just like to party and let out some pent up energy on the dance floor. And it all made sense. But as I got older I started realizing that there was many more ways music was used. Sad music is played during your favorite tear-jerker movie and it makes us want to cry. Hype music is played at the gym to get people pumped and motivated to work out. And sensual music is played at the club to get people in the mood.

Music is a universal tool we use to influence our mood. I’ve learned just recently that I could use music to get in the zone when it comes to work. Now everytime I sit down to write at night, I turn on music that puts me in positive and chill mood. I could easily write everyday without music. But with a certain music selection playing, I can essentially hack my mind into a productive mindset. We should all be using music to influence ourselves in better ways. Use music to get through depression. Use music to get inspired about your life. Use music to boost your confidence in certain situations. That’s just a handful of ways we can use music to our benefit. The most common way people use music to influence is simply to get our spirits up. When we’re down and out, we lose the motivation to do anything productive. It can feel like the whole world is one dark cloud weighing over us. But one thing that helps you remove that dark cloud, is positive and inspiring music. So what music do you listen to to lift your spirits when you’re feeling down?

Here’s a short story on the music I listen to to lift my spirits when I’m feeling down.

The retreat we’d been thinking about for years was just around the corner. We had less than a month left to plan everything else. We had most things about where, when, what, and who laid out. But as I was talking with Dwayne the night before, we realized we forgot one thing. We didn’t find someone to film the event for us. I could of easily gathered all our camera equipment and filmed the event myself but it wasn’t ideal. I wanted to actually spend time interacting with everyone and enjoying myself. So we made the decision to hire someone else to record the whole event and make a recap video. Dwayne and I both went to work looking for different videographers in Florida. I was looking through Dwayne’s picks and saw a guy named Chance. He seemed experienced so I looked through his portfolio. He had some wedding videos, a couple of company videos, and a few music videos.

I clicked on the music video to check out his editing style. Music videos can give you a real sense of someone’s video abilities. It takes good recording skills, timing, creativity, rhythm and more to nail a music video. I started watching one of an artist named Teejay3k. It was actually pretty good. I was impressed with the video and told Dwayne to reach out to this videographer. But I liked the song a lot more than I thought I would as well. I took note of his name and went on planning things for the retreat. Months later after the retreat was over, I came across Teejay3k’s Youtube channel. He released a new song within those few months. I clicked it wanting to see what new work he put out. It was shot and edited by Chance. And wow, the whole video blew me away. The music video felt like a short film with plot, characters, and a whole twist ending. I played it a couple more times.

And by the time I was done watching the video ten times, I was adding the song to all my playlist and accounts on Spotify. It was a song called “Hold On”. I played it so many times I was able to sing the whole thing word for word. It was a great song talking about pushing through tough times. It was encouraging and made me realize sometimes you just have to hold on to get through your challenges. If you can hold on, you can reach the level of success that you truly deserve. I loved it. Then almost four months later, I was going through a dire situation. I was in Phoenix, Arizona all alone for a week and a half for a business trip. But I was going through the ringer. I felt lost in the world and stressed to the point of breaking. As I sat in the shower crying on the floor, I played “Hold On” over and over. It was one of the only songs reminding me to hold on just a little longer. It reminded me that I could and would get through any challenge.

Another time I was scheduled to show up to a fundraising gala for Make-A-Wish Georgia. I loved going to these events because I could support one of the greatest non-profits in the world. I was also able to mingle and network with some of the top business people in my city. And of course, there’s not many times of year you get to dress up to the nines in a tuxedo and bowtie. So I was eager to show up and add value in any way I could. I mingled with a lot of business people all night long. I was making very good connections and learning about lots of high-level people. The whole time I was there I was in business networking mode. But then during the event they asked everyone to stay silent. A little girl that was sick and loved dancing came out on stage. She got her wish granted by Make-A-Wish Georgia to have a dance studio created in her house. Now she was on stage about to perform for hundreds of important guests. The music started playing as she started dancing gracefully.

The song that played was called “Rise Up” by Andra Day. It was the most beautiful dance that went perfectly with the elegance of the song. I was moved in my spirit as I watched her dance her heart out on that stage. I looked around the room and saw everyone wiping tears from their face as they watched her performance. The song and dance really touched our hearts. I was only focused on the good that Make-A-Wish does for kids after that. And everyone in the room had the same energy. We were all touched deeply that evening. The song was all about rising up through your challenges. It talked about getting back up no matter how many times you fall. And it reminded me that all I need is to have hope in those moments of true despair. If I keep hope, I can always rise up to my feet. And that’s the most beautiful story of the human life. We fail and struggle but always rise above.

Weeks later, I got really sick out of nowhere. I was having an intense pain crises in my lower back. It was near a level ten pain. I hadn’t felt that much discomfort in years. I felt like I was going to die from the pain alone. My mom and DeAsia were rushing me to the closest hospital. It was only ten minutes away but it felt like ten years. There was no way I was going to make it to that hospital without passing out from the excruciating pain. I wanted to quit. But then I remembered the song. I asked my mom to play “Rise Up”. And I busted out in tears. I was in so much pain but as I sang the words, I knew all I had to do was keep hope. I just kept reminding myself that I could rise up. No matter how hard I fall, I could rise back up. Keep the hope Tim. I sang the song over and over again at the top of my lungs until I reached the ER. And I eventually made it through that crises. I’m just grateful for that song. Now I listen to “Rise Up” whenever I’m in pain or “Hold On” whenever I’m struggling in life.

Thank you Andra Day and Teejay3k for two very different songs that both give me the spark I need to push through all of life’s challenges!

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