What makes you smile?

There’s a lot to gain from reflecting on the past and planning for the future. But the only place to be living is the here and now. Life is too short to be putting off your happiness. Be happy here and now.

There’s so much to be happy for. And while happiness is truly a mindset, there’s a lot of things that can easily get you in that mindset. It can be critically-acclaimed movies, funny memes, or even a trending song.

But whatever it is that makes you smile from cheek to cheek, do more of it. Here’s what makes me smile.

Video games

There’s few things I enjoy doing in my leisure time more than playing video games. Games are fun, exciting, and challenging. It’s such an immersive activity that it’s easy to completely detach from the world when playing the right games. I love challenging myself and competing against other players in games like Call of Duty or Fortnite.

It’s hard to lose over and over again at games that are tough like, Fortnite being the last man standing of 100 people trying to kill each other. But when you find yourself getting better and better over the days it’s super rewarding. I smile when I win at the games I’ve practiced at to the point of mastery.


When it comes to passive content that isn’t as interactive as video games, I love to watch documentaries. It’s one of the quickest and most entertaining ways to learn about important movements around the world. Reading a bunch of scholarly articles about the water crisis is dead boring in comparison to watching an exciting documentary on the subject.

I smile when I watch an informative documentary that adds value to my life. When I can increase my knowledge, relax, and be entertained at the same time, I smile. It makes me happy to expand my knowledge in such an enjoyable way.

Counting money

Business is something I eat, sleep, and breathe every day. Whenever I get the opportunity to involve myself in positive business activities, I jump at it. Business is a skill that I love practicing day in and out. One of the most exciting parts of business, is tallying up the wins.

And the best way to tally up the wins is to count up some money. When business is going great and there’s money to be counted, I love to do it. Money makes me smile. Because thriving businesses have a lot of it, and dying ones don’t. So yeah, it’s a weird activity but something that I’ll always be fond of.

Seeing others happy

Of all the things that I enjoy on this list, seeing others happy is the biggest. It’s deeply satisfying to watch other people accomplish things they’ve always wanted. I find myself easily attaching to the ideas and ambitions of other people, especially people I’m close to.

So I find happiness helping people realize these dreams and get small wins under their belt. The most impactful thing I can do for my happiness is help others become happy because their positively proportional to each other. If I could help everyone become successful I would probably try. But until then, I’ll help those I can one day at a time.

Our lives will forever revolve around ourselves. There’s no point in living for other people and their vision of your life. Just live for yourself, and do what makes you happy. That’s what will matter to you in the long run so get started today. Even if it means sitting in the corner counting money.

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