What makes you proud?

One of the most priceless moments in life is making someone we care about proud. We can work years if not our whole years to make someone proud. But it still doesn’t deter us from giving our all to make someone proud. Some people will change their entire life goals and trajectory to make their mom proud. Other people will ignore or hide our true love for someone in order to be with someone that makes our family proud.

It’s a powerful feeling. And many people make big sacrifices to be the recipient of that proud acknowledgement. But we can’t forget that we also have the power to be proud of others. And right now there’s a handful of people hoping to make you proud. But how can they or anything make you proud in life if you don’t know what makes you proud. So ask yourself, “What makes me proud?”

Here’s what makes me proud and my thoughts on it.

There’s no one person that makes me proud in life. I love my family deeply. I care for my friends immensely. But I find that being proud can come from any type of person. I don’t have to have a long history with the person. Sometimes it could be a stranger you met five minutes ago making you proud. Other times it could be your lifelong oldest friend finally making you truly proud.

The things that make most people proud are very traditional. Mom is proud that you went to school and graduated with a fancy degree. Dad is proud of you for dating a girl that’s way out of your league. And your friends are proud of you for becoming filthy rich and stunting on old haters on social media. Those things are nice but there’s a fatal flaw in them. The feeling of being proud is relative to you not the person achieving something great.

And that’s the way most people become proud of others. My feeling of being proud is a little different. What makes me proud is someone reaching their full potential. It’s as simple as that. I’m more interested in seeing someone go from rags to riches in front of my eyes. That is so impressive and very admirable. We all have challenges thrown at us in life. I’m proud of the people that fight through those challenges head on. They don’t let the world pull them down. Instead they reach true greatness.

It’s amazing when you feel the depth of the struggles someone has gone through. You personally relate to the feeling of being broke and unemployed. You personally relate to being cheated on or having your heart shattered in pieces. You personally relate to being physically abused or emotianally toyed with as kid. Then you see that person push through those problems against all odds. That’s amazing.

It not only inspires you to do more and better in life, but also others. You can no longer let your circumstances hold you back. You’ve seen someone with the same if not more burdens to deal with but they overcame it. That makes me very proud. And it should make most people proud. It means a lot more when you know that person on a one on one level. It means a lot more when you personally made a difference in them reaching their goals. You added true value to someone’s life that result in so much positivity.

There’s no better feeling for that experience than to be proud. The opposite of proud is being disappointed. And honestly, I’m disappointed when great potential is wasted and never realized. So at any moment we’re at a crossroads of being an optimal version of ourselves or throwing away all that potential. I’m proud when someone or something finds a way to make the most of themselves. When someone chooses to be the very best version of themselves, I am proud. Because that simply means against all odds, not only can I do the same but you can too.

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