What makes you angry? Why?

Our emotions can often mislead to believe things that aren’t always true. And that makes many of us think emotions are useless and futile. But the truth is emotions are a valuable asset as humans. It may not always be a concrete indicator of the things happening in the real world. But it’s almost always an accurate indicator of how we’re processing the world around us. So it’s important to embrace our emotions.

Most people are quick to embrace their happiness. And we all easily embrace emotions like feeling inspired or confident. But there are some emotions we often throw by the wayside. Nobody embraces their sadness or anger and that’s not the best strategy. Anger can lead us to big sources of pain in our life if we take the time to look correctly. And the same goes for your sadness and depression. So what exactly makes you angry and why?

Here’s what makes me angry and my thoughts on why.

There’s two things that make me angry for two different reasons. The first thing that makes me upset is how much we let pride and ego define us. The second thing that makes angry is the burdens that millions of people deal with that they didn’t bring upon themselves. It’s hard to stay positive in a world with such terrible characteristics built into it. And it’s just a matter of time that we get angry at certain things. Some people get angry at stubbing their toes, but I get angry at humanity and the world we live in.

The first thing is really about the nature of humans. We all have so much pride and ego these days. And that’s not a bad thing all by itself and it could really be an asset in the right moments. But the problem is when we let that ego get out of control and dictate so many parts of our life. The reason that so many people don’t make genuine connections in life is because of the lack of transparency. And the truth is we’re scared to let people know who we really are because of the image we’ve created.

Then we’re scared to break that image because of all the potential repercussions. And it’s sad when you think about it. Nobody on this earth is perfect. Nobody. If we don’t fail in one area, we will surely fail in another. So why are we all trying so hard to come across as perfect people. It’s impossible. Your favorite actor and role model have made their own mistakes. It’s a part of life. I get angry that I can’t trust the people around me to be genuine because we’ve all invested too much into our own ego.

That alone makes me very upset. But there’s something makes me just as angry if not more. I get angry when I see all the people that suffer day in and out in this world. And it isn’t just the suffering. People will make bad decisions and we have to live with the consequences of those decisions. But it’s a whole different level of evil when the suffering is just dropped upon those people. Nobody deserves random acts of suffering. But the world is filled with random acts of suffering.

There are genuine woman looking for love that get their heart broken and shattered. There are upstanding citizens locked up for crimes they wouldn’t even fathom doing. And one of the worst is the millions of kids and teens that fall asleep outside or in hospital beds and don’t wake up the next morning. Think of all the young lives and life potential that are lost for no good reason. It hurts me to think of this evil. And I hate everything about it. It makes me angry to think about it.

I personally have dealt with random acts of suffering that I never asked for. And it hurts me deeply to see it and feel it. Then I get angry knowing I can’t truly help or solve these problems. I’ve also personally seen ego and pride destroy great relationships. It has forever scarred me and reminds me often that humans aren’t perfect but we’ll never tell anyone that. It’s sad. It makes me angry. But it’s all something I just have to live with. Maybe a solution will appear one day. Until then, I’ll work, hope, and pray that these evils don’t destroy us all.

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