What makes someone a hero?

Every great story has a villain and a hero. But heroes is a very vague word. Someone can be a hero in one area and then be a villain in another. The person that helps the old lady across the street can be a hero in the daytime. And that very same person can be cheating on his wife and become the villain at night time. The hero of a story can be the hero to one person and a villain to a lot of people. The hero can be another thing rather than a person. Or can the hero be a person? The definition of a hero is not clearly defined.

Some people think a hero is perfect in every way. Other people realize that even the most average person is a hero in someway. Some people side with the villain and believe they are the hero of the story. There’s a lot of different versions of hero in people’s lives. We all have met a hero. And we all have heard stories of heroes. But rarely do we define what exactly a hero is to us. If you take the time to define the meaning of hero, then you can find more of them in your lives. And better yet, you can work on becoming the true hero of your story. So what makes someone a hero?

Here’s my thoughts on what makes someone a hero?

A hero is someone that has empathy. Every story of true heroes involve them saving someone. People get into sucky situations all the time. When you’re down and out sometimes you need someone to help you pull yourself up. The hero is the person that goes out of their way to save that person. They might not be able to save everyone but they will surely try to save someone. A hero doesn’t always have somekind of superpower. We think of superman when we think of heroes. And of course superman is a hero. He’s one of the greatest heroes of all time. But at the same time there are many other heroes that don’t wear a cape. Those heroes don’t get a lot of recognition.

The nurses that sit bedside with sick people everyday are true heroes. It takes a lot to put yourself in what can be a very sad and depressing environment. They have to stomach that feeling of despair in the air. They have to push through it and put on a smile. They have to radiate hope and positivity to every room they walk into. They have to push tubes down people’s throats and stick needles into young kids. And even when they do their job near perfectly they still have to watch people suffer. And they lose a lot of hard fought battles. No matter the pain, they still find the energy and motivation to get up and do their part everyday. That’s definitely a hero.

The people that go out of their way to dedicate their lives to cancer research are heroes. The people that are working on technologies to save the human race or bring us to mars are true heroes. The people that get up and fight crime every single day are true heroes. The people that counsel and mediate through peoples mental problems are true heroes. The people that get up and advocate for the people who can’t advocate for themselves are heroes. There are many different heroes all around us. All the heroes we know have one major thing in common. Heroes have empathy. To save others you must first try to understand why they need saving.

You can save a million random people. But if you only help others randomly when a coin flip lands on tails, then you’re no true hero. A true hero has a willing mindset to understand others and find those who need help. Empathy is the core trait of all true heroes. The small heroes. The big heroes. The underrated heroes. And the highly praised heroes. You have to be empathetic to be a great hero. A hero is an understanding person. That is how you find a true hero. If you don’t have empathy you will lack the awareness to notice those that are in true need of help. Heroes will be ready to help. And they will do the best with what they have to help. With superpowers or just a needle and tourniquet.

We can all be heroes with a little empathy. No cape needed.

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