What makes life easier?

Life is not a cakewalk. This thing called life is the single greatest challenge we will ever face. It might not seem like much of a challenge when you’re partying with friends until 3 a.m. It might not seem too difficult when you’re laying in bed watching Netflix originals all morning long. It might not seem tough when you’re on vacation playing with the warm sand between your toes. But for the majority of us that aren’t trust fund babies we know that’s just a fraction of the picture. And even the rich kids know that’s just a fraction of the picture.

When you have to wake up at four in the morning to rush in to a job you hate everyday, things get taxing. When the love of your life turns around and leaves you in the dust because they want to “experience other things”, life gets tough. When you become so dependent on the drugs you started taking for fun that you can’t even go outside for a walk, things get real difficult. Life is a journey filled with challenges that seem impossible. But there will always be a light through the stormy clouds. Life does get easier. You just have to find the things that make life easier for you and keep them close. So what makes life easier?

Here’s my thoughts on what makes life easier.

There’s many things I think make life easier. The first thing that makes life easier is just having a good attitude. This is one of those things that sounds obvious but many people just skim over. The attitude we have in situations plays a big part on our experience in that situation. There are people that go to the park and it starts pouring rain. When they start getting drenched from head to toe they laugh, run, and make a game out of it. Then there are people that start complaining the moment a raindrop hits them. The latter group will be hardpressed to find enjoyment out of an experience that they were already pessimistic about. This is something I need to work on myself. The first group of people will naturally find things to be easier in life because they make the most out of situations.

That’s one of those things that we can all change in the matter of weeks. Just take the time to be more aware of when you’re being unnecessarily pessimistic. Then try to look at things from a more optimistic point of view. That can make things feel much easier in life starting today. An easy trick to be more aware is to keep a rubberband on your wrist. Everytime you hear yourself naturally say something negative, pull the rubberband back and snap it on your wrist. It’s going to be a painful bad habit to begin with but you’ll slow down on the negative real quick. Another way is simply letting your friends and family know you’re trying to be less negative. Sign a contract telling them you’ll give them one dollar everytime they catch you being a debby downer. Let’s just hope you don’t wipe out your bank account.

Another thing that makes life easier is other people. When you have other people to experience things with in life, it becomes easier to experience almost anything. When we deal with hard times it’s that much more difficult when you’re facing the challenge alone. You can easily get wrapped up in your own dark thoughts and choose to wallow in your sorrows. Granted, some people need alone time to deal with their demons on a personal level. But many of us benefit from having a friend or family member there to lean on. Sometimes a concerned stranger with an ear to listen is all we need to feel a little bit of relief through the pain. I know I’ve been in some tough situations where the most random of texts or conversations made me smile. It won’t always solve all your problems but people can spread the happiness.

And when we go through challenges together that really makes life easier. Shared pain is divided. Shared happiness is multiplied. There’s few things more comforting than knowing you aren’t alone in your difficulties. When you go through the ups and downs with someone that is hurting just as much as you, it sometimes gives you the spirit to be stronger. We need to be empathized with in our times of despair. But we’re naturally good at empathizing with others in their time of despair. So in a weird way, two people hurting together can help pull each other up. And that’s the mentality that the best teams in the world have. When they win together they are all winners. But if one of them lose, they all lose. The comfort of having a team that is with you through the ups and downs makes life so much easier than it is alone.

In general empathy is a big factor of life being easier. It’s hard to go through life feeling like you’re an alien from outerspace. It doesn’t matter if your problems are small like stubbing your toe on the dresser this morning or if your problems are huge like facing life-threatening health issues. Nobody wants to be completely alone in their struggle and more importantly feel alone in their struggle. Some people do better overcome obstacles when they’re alone to deal with it. But rarely anybody truly feels better about their problems when they feel that nobody in the entire world can understand their problems. When people empathize with us and our challenges it can give us the little spark that we need to push through the challenges ahead. If we know that others before us have dealt with the same problems and conquered them, then we know we can too.

At the end of the day life is going to be challenging. The challenges we face are part of what makes life such a good learning experience. We wouldn’t learn much sitting on our butts all day looking up at the sky. You might a learn a thing or two about astronomy. But we learn best through trial and error. In those trials will be failure and times of true hardship. We need to find a way to be more empathetic to others in their time of hardship. Because while things might be all rainbows and butterflies right now, there will be good with the bad. So don’t think your party will last forever while you watch others stand through the storm. Empathize with others that are struggling and make life easier for them. You never know when you’ll be the one facing difficult times needing a shoulder to lean on.

I’m grateful for the people that have supported me through the endless times of challenge I’ve faced. And I promise I’ll be there for you when you need someone to empathize.

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