What makes everyone smile?

We all love to smile. It’s a universal sign of happiness and joy. We naturally smile when we are experiencing something that makes us all happy on the inside. And sometimes we smile just because we’re thinking back to moments of happiness. But just the act of smiling and acting joyous can make us naturally more happy. So a smile is beneficial physical expression.

But there are many times in life that we aren’t smiling. Sometimes we go even further than not smiling and we frown. It takes more muscles and effort to frown but many of us do it a lot more than we’d like to admit. Smiling is so much more fun but sometimes we struggle to find things to smile for. And it can make us feel sad when we don’t find reasons to smile. But the truth is at some point everyone smiles. The question is, “What makes everyone smile?”

Here’s what makes everyone smile and my thoughts on it.

We all smile for different things. Many people smile when they’re getting a good meal. All it takes is a triple layered cone of ice cream with sprinkles to make kids grin from cheek to cheek. Other people smile from getting gifts. When you’re unwrapping big random gift boxes under the tree on Christmas morning, you can’t help but smile. Other people find themselves smiling when giving gifts. Almost everyone finds some joy in giving others new cool gifts or even just some hand me downs.

Those are all surefire ways to get someone to smile. You can feed them. You can gift something to them. You can let them gift things to others in need. And of course a good joke leaves people smiling for days. If you’re really trying to get someone to smile you could do all of the above. Give someone ice cream while gifting them a shirt to gift to someone else all while telling them a stellar joke. But some people might say that everybody won’t smile to that.

I agree. Everbody is a huge statement and no one can really guarantee that everyone will smile in any given situation. But if I had to gamble a million dollars on the one thing that makes virtually everybody smile, it would be this… other people smiling. I believe that the one thing that makes everybody smile is simply seeing other people smile.

It could be friends. It could be coworkers. It could be a significant other. It could be family. But we’re all very happy when the people we care about are happy. It happens all the time. You can be in the worst of moods, but when your bestfriend comes laughing and smiling about something funny at work, you can’t help but smile too. Happiness is a feeling that transcends physical walls.

You can be in the same room as someone and start to feel what they feel. It even happens with strangers. Everyone has had a moment when walking down the street and you catch someone smiling at you. If they’re not a creepy stalker, then our first natural inclination is to smile back. Human to human smiles are contagious. It’s the same difference as a yawn.

We all have different personal tastes in things that make us happy or bust out it laughter. But the most natural way to make any and all of us smile is to put us around other people that are smiling. That’s what makes everyone smile. And it simply means, if you’re sad, down, or just need a pick me up, stop doing it alone. Get a friend, your family, or even a stranger and find something to be happy about together!

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