What makes a person beautiful?

Beauty is all around us. Everywhere we look there is something of beauty that is worth some type of praise. Women are physically attractive animals that are beautiful from head to toe. National parks hold some of the most awe-inspiring parts of nature. Artists design some of the most creative and thoughtful pieces of art. There’s nowhere you can go and find no beauty.

But the truth is, it’s not the things we see that make them amazing. It’s the people that see them and how we interpet it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I can look at a painting and see an average piece. Someone else can look at the same painting and see a true masterpiece. It works the same for people. So ask yourself, “What makes a person beautiful to me?”

Here’s my thoughts on what makes a person beautiful.

There a lot of aspects to a single person that can make them beautiful. Some people love luscious, curvy hips on a women. Some people like broad, strong shoulders on a man. I like everything that has to do with women’s hair. Straight hair is enticing while curly hair is cute. Other people may like big breasts with a bright blue eyes.

It really comes down to preference. But there are also guys that are beautiful. So what are the requirements for their beauty? I surely don’t expect men to walk around with thick, curly hair down to their shoulders. But I know men can be just as beautiful as women. And that’s why I find beauty in more than just the physical appearance of someone. It goes deeper than nice clothes and being fit.

The personality of someone is much more impressive. In a day and age where everyone is getting plastic surgery and has a gym membership, looks are a dime a dozen. Think about all the people that use photoshop to enhance all their physical features. The character a girl has is much more flattering these days. When you’re a caring and intelligent human, it’s very admirable. I appreciate people with strong and positive character.

But that’s not the single biggest thing that makes someone beautiful. There’s one thing that trumps all the other factors when it comes to beauty. It’s called potential. I love the potential that people have. When someone is working a dead end job but aspires to be an executive in corporate america, that’s beautiful. When a girl is overweight, but is dieting and hits the gym weekly, that is beautiful.

This beauty can be found in any area of someone’s life. You could be working on your spirituality, getting financially independent, or just becoming more outgoing. It’s all potential growth which is all beautiful. And it’s even better when we see how much potential we have. We should all remember that we can always be better than we were the day before. There’s a unique opportunity everybody has for success. It’s called tomorrow.

I find beauty not in what I see in front of me, but rather all that I can see in the future. That’s what I admire in humans. We’re not defined by our present selves because we can be so much more over time. That is beautiful. The growth and development of humans is what makes someone beautiful to me. We can’t always control the physical features we’re born with. But we can all be beautiful by seizing the day. Beauty will forever lie in the people that capitalize on their true potential. What makes a person beautiful to you?

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