What made you smile this week?

Sometimes all it takes is a single smile to improve our mood. We can go from sad or frustrated to happy and optimistic with a single smile. Our physiology affects our psychology. So negative body language like folded arms or slumping over will make us feel negative. But on the other hand, positive body language makes us more positive. And the simplest and most universal positive body language humans have is the smile.

A genuine smile conveys happiness, friendliness, and openness. People love to see other people who embody those qualities. And they say smiles are one of few expressions that is universally contagious. So there’s nothing but great things that come from a pure and honest smile. The trick is finding reasons to smile in what can sometimes be a cold and dark world. And the best way to find new reasons to smile is to look back at old reasons you smiled. So tell me, what made you smile this week?

Here’s a short story on what made me smile this week.

They had been talking about it all week long but it was nothing but rumors. My sister said he might do this sometime soon. My friend said she talked to him and he’s not doing anything anymore. And everyone else has their own story on what’s going on. But everything was just rumors and I hate talking about gossip. Somehow, I had a feeling there was truth to all the talk this time. If something was going to happen, it’s most likely it would happen here in Jamaica.

A couple days later we make our way to the Blue Lagoon in Jamaica. They packed us up on three different boats and toured us through the beautiful blue waters. They showed us the fancy villas Beyonce and other celebrities stay at. And we were just enjoying the scenery. But when they steered to a private beach in the distant we were all mesmerized by the beauty. It was calm, beautiful, and perfect weather when they dropped us off there. And it was nobody but my all my family here.

It was perfect seeing the crystal clear water and listening to the reggae vibes in the background. Everyone was enjoying themselves in the cool water relaxing. And as I looked around the picturesque scenery I knew this was the perfect moment. I looked over at my cousin’s boyfriend Dorjae and thought, “He’s a genius!” The whole family, perfect weather, and a private island… who wouldn’t dream of a day like this. But I waited for hours and didn’t realize it wasn’t happening until we were heading home that evening.

I knew it was all a rumor. It was just a bunch of he said she said and I should of known better. More days went by and DeAsia kept telling me that it was still going to happen. I stopped believing the rumors a long time ago. Then on the second to last day my mom setup a party celebration for my younger sister graduating high school. Everyone was gathered in the living room and they had me play some good music. It was cute but far from perfect. Then as the party went on I realized what was going on.

They asked me to pull out my camera and start recording. Everyone started playing a big lottery game. They were picking one person out of everyone to win a prize and eat some cake. They eventually dwindled it down to my cousin Shavaughn and she was chosen to taste the birthday cake. And of course the person they chose to feed her was none other than Dorjae her boyfriend. By this point everyone had their phones out recording. And just as she bit into the cake my mom told me to play their favorite love song.

She chewed the piece a cake and stopped in disbelief. You saw the pure joy and shock come over her face as she spit out the ring in her hand. He kneeled down on one knee, looked her in the eyes, and asked, “Will you marry me?” She said yes and screamed out with joy. Everyone started clapping and all I could do was smile. It was beautiful. It was genuine. And it was personal. I smiled because I was happy for them. But I also learned that everything in life isn’t meant to picturesque and perfect. Some things should just be real.

Dorjae you killed it. Congratulations to you, Shavaughn, Omar and Brittany!

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