What lifts your spirits when life gets you down?

We all get down sometimes. It’s a part of life. Some people get down more than others. And some of us feel it ten times harder than others. Depression sucks. It’s one of the realest most difficult things a person can go through. The mind is the center of lives. Everything we think, do, and experience goes through our mind.

When our mind is on a low note, everything is on a low note. It feels like the world is coming to an end. We’re trapped in the sorrows, lulls, and negativity of a broken mind. We all know what this feels like. But sometimes there is that one thing that gets us happy. No matter the situation, this one thing can bring us up and out of feeling down.

Here’s the one thing that gets my spirit up.


I love watching videos on Youtube. I can watch videos for hours on end and not even realize I haven’t eaten all day. When I’m on the site I feel this sense of freedom. There’s so many things to browse and watch that I can always find something to lift my spirits.

There’s a bunch of great content creators on the site that have funny videos. You go on there not feeling happy and find yourself laughing out loud. It’s great watching these creators and feeling like you know them over time. It becomes a weird bond that feels like an old best friend. And that bestfriend is just there to take your mind off whatever is holding you down.

The videos on Youtube are all super positive too. Nine times out of ten the person jumps on screen with a lot of energy and smiling. This positive energy is almost contagious through the screen. So I find myself getting more happy as I watch a vlog of someone partying or exploring a theme park. Unlike other social sites that make you compare your life, somehow these creators help you live through their videos.

On Youtube, it’s awesome that you can find pretty much any type of content you want. So if I’m feeling like watching shopping videos, I’ll find that. If I feel like finding videos on video games, I’ll find that. If I just want to watch Kevin Hart and laugh for hours, I’ll find that. Sometimes just finding interesting science videos where I learn something new, lifts my spirit.

Lastly, there’s so much content on Youtube that I never ever run out of things to watch. There’s always another channel, another movie trailer, or another funny skit video. When you’re down who knows how long you’ll be feeling low. There’s no limit to the amount of Youtube I can consume to get my mind off the negative. When you’ve binged the entire season of your favorite show on Netflix, there’s always more to watch on Youtube.

Everyone has different things to life their spirits. Some people love reading or watching movies. I love watching or even just browsing Youtube. It’s my secret getaway. What lifts your spirit when you’re down?

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