What job would you never do no matter how much it paid?

The job you keep says a lot about you as a person. We might not want to admit but society puts a big focus on judging others based on their work. It’s a common practice at every professional event to ask others what they do for work. It’s like the go to small talk conversation starter. But rather than the casual conversation that it seems like, we automatically judge people based on their answer. It’s almost subconscious and instant to weigh that person’s level of importance. If they say they’re a janitor at a highschool we might think they are struggling, dirty, and incompetent. There’s no way to confirm that simply from a job but it doesn’t stop us from making those assumptions. And if they happen to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, we immediately think they live a lavish lifestyle.

Maybe there’s some truth to the assumptions we make when meeting people. The brain is a powerful, analytical tool that is quick to recognize patterns. But it’s not a great habit to judge people based on their jobs. Nonetheless, that’s why we put a lot of thought into our jobs these days. Some jobs we’re eager to jump into because we know it will elevate our social status. Other jobs we want to do because it inspires us and we’re passionate about it. And then some jobs just pay really well. But there are some jobs that we would never do in a million years. We all have our own standards when it comes to jobs we would or wouldn’t do. But you have to have those standards or else you’ll do anything for anyone if they pay right. So what job would you never do no matter how much it paid?

Here’s my thoughts on what job I would never do no matter how much it paid.

Money is a pretty big motivator in people’s lives. Most people would do a lot of things for a good amount of money. I mean people have done a lot for a little when you really think about. Some people would double-cross their own family for a quick buck. Some people would sell their own body for a couple dollars. Some people would risk their freedom trying to rob a bank for ten thousand bucks. So in the grand scheme of things most people would do ninety percent of jobs for some amount of money. I won’t say I’m exactly like that. But I like money. And I really like counting money. So if someone offers me a million dollars to do a job I will highly consider doing that job. That’s pretty much everyone. The only thing is I have a pretty high moral standard for myself.

So I would never in a million years double cross a friend for hundreds of millions of dollars. And I’m not just saying that number because I would do it for more. I wouldn’t double cross a close friend for a billion dollars. My friendship is much more valuable than getting any amount of money. I have to stay true to myself throughout life. If I’m willing to sell myself for some amount of money it would be really easy for me to lose myself in this world. I would lose track of my own values and beliefs. There’s few things as crushing as realizing that your beliefs and feelings can easily be bought. So my close friends are always off limits. If the job is to testify against them or lie on their name, it won’t be a green light from me. I would rather be broke and have great friends.

On the same note, killing other people is a huge no-no. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself knowing that I took another person’s life. I mean if there was a life or death situation maybe I would step up and kill someone. But in my heart I wouldn really not want to kill that other person even with my life on the line. If my loved ones lives were on the line, I would probably instinctually just kill the threat. But that’s a different thing than killing someone for a job. I wouldn’t want to know I killed someone for a couple thousand dollars. I don’t know how anyone could be a hitman and kill others for twenty thousand dollars. It’s sad to think someone will easily price another life at twenty thousand dollars. That’s just plain foul. I would never kill another human being for some amount of money. That’s a horrible job and I would be the worst person to join the army.

There are some things I would do for money even though I wouldn’t want to. If there was enough money in it, I would change careers from being an entrepreneur. I don’t like being managed by other people. I would much rather prefer to be my own boss. I like being able to make my own decisions and choose my own hours. I would take that sacrifice for the right salary though. If I had a job offer for a million dollars a year, I would likely take that job for at least a year. That’s a small sacrifice for a big payout. On the same note, I hate the thought of being in dirty jobs. If it’s waste management or just cleaning roof gutters, I won’t like it. I get grossed out pretty easily. It’s the same with dealing with lots of animals. That’s not something I would like to do. But for the right price I would do it.

There’s one job that I know I would never do though. I see people do this job all the time. And it seems like such a normal job. But I’ve seen how much people hate everyone that’s a part of this job. I would never boot cars for a living no matter how much money I was being paid. I hate people that boot cars. I’ve had my car booted one too many times and it’s such a horrible experience. The job seems so sleazy and deceitful in general. It feels like they are just preying on people that are generally innocent. And I know it would do a lot of bad for my reputation in general. People absolutely hate the people that boot their cars. Imagine going on a date having a blast just for it to be ruined by a boot on your car when you come back. It’s never that serious. Yet, these people ruin hundreds of people’s experience every single day.

It sounds like a silly job to take a stand against but that’s how I feel. I truly despise the people that get up everyday and enjoy upsetting other people. I know there are rules in life. And I know the parking lots have to make a living but the way they go about it is so disgraceful. They sit there and put the tiniest signs up and expect everyone to miss it. They know people aren’t looking or reading and they capitalize on that. Then they lock up your mode of transporation forcing you to pay up right there and then. The process to appeal it is always drawn out and virtually impossible. And they laugh and smile in your face when they take your hard earned money. I hate car booters. They suck. I wouldn’t that job for a million dollars. Let me be broke and make people happy. Or better yet, just not piss people off for a living.

Whatever you do, don’t sell your happiness or others for money because money can’t replace it.

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