What is your saddest memory?

Nobody likes hanging out with a Debbie Downer. She’s always ruining the mood and making everyone sad or upset. And the worst part is what Debbie Downer’s choose to get frustrated about. They’ll be crying over a lost pack of Polynesian sauce or maybe because someone didn’t invite them to a last minute work party.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Debbie Downers will get sad about anything and everything in life. And that’s why they’re widely hated. Nobody knows who she is and where came from. But in reality sadness is a powerful emotion that tells us a lot about the state of our life. The times we’re breaking down in nonstop tears it often means something was off with our state of life. So tell me, “What is your saddest memory?”

Here’s a short story on what is my saddest memory.

It was a normal day by any means. The weather was nice with the sun out, my family were all in good moods, and I was heading for a simple walk around the neighborhood. When I finished my first lap around, there she was with my car. It was Deasia and I hadn’t seen or heard from her in months. And for whatever reason I giggled as I grabbed my car keys from my ex.

I was about to head inside when I got a call from my Aunt’s husband, Michael. He told me my mom was in the ER and she couldn’t breathe. I started rushing straight to that hospital that I knew like the back of my hand. I was crying on the way there thinking of all the moments my mom was there for me in the hospital. When I finally got there my mom was so out of it that she couldn’t speak normally.

I cried more and more as I saw her consciousness and basis human understanding fade from her body. It scared me to my core. And all I could do was hold her hand and tell it’s me and her until the very end. My priorities in life were rearranged that night. And now after one of the saddest memories I could ever experience, I’m deliberate about what, who, and how I spend time with people

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