What is your number one goal for the next six months?

Everyone is aiming for something. We’ve all got goals that we’re working hard for each and every day. These goals motivate us to wake up and push through the grind. We set both big and small targets that we hope to hit one day. It’s the way we reason with ourselves to do things we otherwise wouldn’t want to.

The goals we have in life can usually be a good indication of who we are and what we value. Essentially, our goals are things we wish to accomplish in our perfect and ideal world. And honestly, most of our goals are very capable in the normal nonperfect world we live in. Sometimes it’s not a matter of having too grand of goals, but rather the timing. We should have short term goals that are more realistic, our main focus. And we should have long term goals we’re working towards in the background. So what is your number one goal to accomplish in the next six months.

Here’s my number one goal and thoughts on it.

My number one goal in the next six months is pretty simple. My goal is to find equilibrium. That sounds like a very half assed goal that is pretty much a waste. But I’d argue that it’s actually an important goal in my life. Equilibrium is something I think can make a huge difference in my life. It can help me in multiple ways.

So many parts of my life have been upside down over the last eighteen months. My business has been neglected and on a steep down trend. My health has been faltering in a dangerous way. And my relationships have been withering away and losing their strength. Don’t let me get into the actual physical clutter all over my space. All I can say is “Yikes!” I can’t prosper in this type of environment.

Equilibrium is essentially having a sustainable and ideal environment around me. My room should be super clean and much more organized. That’s how I like it. My business has the potential to revolutionize the arts education industry. We should be on a track of growth not failure. My health has been much more predictable and steady. I don’t want to live in the hospital anymore.

None of these things are unreasonable in any way. I set goals that I believe are truly realistic. I don’t like setting goals that I will never hit. It’s discouraging and reinforces a bad pattern for yourself. I want to set goals, work hard, and achieve them. And equilibrium is without a doubt a reasonable goal. Honestly, two months would be more of the timeline I’d expect to achieve this.

But in no way should I miss this goal in the next six months. It’s simple and reasonable. And it may seem like a waste of a goal. I could aim for one hundred thousand dollars in revenue over the next six months. Or maybe I could aim to travel to two new countries. Sounds like a lot of fun. I would enjoy those goals.

The difference though is just how impactful the goals are. Traveling would make me happy and live life for a week or two. Hitting one hundred thousand dollars of revenue could parlay my business into hiring some awesome employees. But getting a clear and productive environment back in my life will directly allow me to excel in all my areas of life. The difference is major depression in clutter versus an optimistic and productive life. That’s the number one goal for me in the next six months. And I plan on hitting it. How about you?

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