What is your most striking physical attribute?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And today it’s important to understand what and why the beholder finds beautiful. Attractiveness is a big part of society and how people make decisions. If something looks beautiful then it could be considered more valuable in many situations. This could be the difference between a shopper picking up a generic cereal versus one boxed in a professionally branded package. For humans our bodies are primed to take in visual information very quickly. Many studies suggest it takes seven seconds for people to gather a first impression. The level of attractiveness you display will add or subtract from that impression.

But beauty will still be in the eye of the beholder. So you need to understand the people that you want to find you beautiful. A young college girl may find someone that looks bold as beautiful. A world famous artist may find attraction in someone who has crazy hair colors and looks creative. You can’t be beautiful to everyone. Some will find you beautiful while others disagree. It can often depend on your physical attributes and what ways you are naturally attractive. But it’s more important to find beauty in one specific beholder. Yourself. You are the ultimate judge of yourself. We can all find beauty somewhere within ourselves. We all have pros and cons physically. But you should always know what you believe to be your best physical assets. So what is your most striking physical attribute?

Here’s a short story on what my most striking physical attribute is.

I looked through my math book scanning through the pages. I could hear the teacher explaining different math concepts to the class. Someone’s hand shot up to the left of me. The teacher singled them out. They asked how you the zero was changed into a ten in the calculation. I thought to myself how obvious it was that the teacher was carrying the digit to do the math. Then the teacher went ahead to explain to the girl what seemed to be so obvious. But I couldn’t knock the girl for trying to learn. It was just painfully boring listening to the teacher answer the same basic questions over and over again. I started zoning out thinking of what I was going to watch on TV later. Then I immediately started thinking of what game I was going to play right after.

All of a sudden the school bell abruptly rang. It was time for lunch. I grabbed my bag and headed straight for the door. I was much more eager for lunch than everyone else. I never really talked that much during lunch though. I was still kind of shy and secluded as a kid in middle school. But I had a few friends so it wasn’t the worst school experience. I walked down the hall thinking about how I might need to be in more advanced math classes. Little did I know I was going to end up in those advanced math classes in a month or so from then. I made it into the lunch hall and got in line. They were serving the little circle pizzas that tasted like cardboard boxes. Surprisingly it was one the more delicious things on the school menu.

After I got my tray with my lunch I walked to the front of the lunchroom. I was looking for my friends that I usually eat with. I couldn’t find them anywhere. We were in the same class but we always had lunch at the same time. For whatever reason, nobody made it to the lunchroom that day. I started having a mini panic attack. I never thought about where I would sit if I didn’t have my friends with me. I started looking around the lunchroom at all the different groups of people. There were groups of random kids that I had never met before. I could sit with them. Then I saw the group of teachers sitting over in the corner. There were some random kids sitting with them. That would be weird. But what other choice did I have.

Then I looked over to the kids that were in my class. There were a group of them that were sitting with popular kids. But it was mostly girls all sitting together. I wouldn’t think of sitting with a group of girls in a million years. I decided last minute that it was the only smart choice. They were in my class. They were girls. And they were cute. I didn’t have to do anything except eat and keep my mouth shut. So walked right over and sat down beside the girls. I was sitting beside some of the cutest girls in my grade. I just smiled and immediately started eating my food. Then as I was eating I noticed a girl that I had a huge crush on sitting across from me. Her name was Lydia. She started talking to the other girls.

They started gossiping about the boys in our class. They were talking about which guys were the cutest and what their best asset was. I was shocked to be in earshot of such a crazy conversation. They started naming guys in the class. Tahj is attractive because he has the best body. He’s really muscular. Then they said Khalil is great because he’s really tall and he’s super funny. I was just trying to mind my own business when some of the most attractive girls in school, Danielle, Lydia, and Kacey mentioned my name. I nearly choked on my green grapes while trying to be unreactive. Lydia said, ” Yeah, Rotimi is attractive as well. I think he has the sexiest lips in the school.” She then called for my attention and asked me to lick my lips.

I channeled my inner male model and looked up slowly. I looked her directly in her eyes and smiled. I then seductively licked my lips and started laughing. They all started getting giggly and smiling. “Yeah he has the sexiest lips I’ve seen,” Lydia said. I quietly went back to eating my lunch and couldn’t stop licking my lips for the rest of the day. I felt great. But I think one of my greatest physical attributes is my lips and smile. I took notice of my lips and smile much more after that day. I don’t overthink physical attributes all the time. But I feel confident in my own skin. I don’t know what others find to be my most attractive physical attribute. But I think my smile and lips are the best features I have. And I had to learn that back in Champion Middle School.

Thanks for the compliment. Call me Lydia. 😉

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