What is your most prized possession?

Money can’t buy you happiness. Everyone should know this saying and the message it conveys. Stop looking for more and more money to bring happiness into your life. But there’s a lot more to money than this statement gives it credit for. Money can buy us almost any and everything we’ve desired. It could be a car, a house, new travels, and even access to important people. Money is valuable and in turn helps us buy and get things we find valuable.

In life we value many of the things we garner over the years. We get a special hand me down hoodie from our grandmother or family friend. After college we buy our very first car that we saved years for. Or maybe we won a dancing trophy at a state competition while in highschool. All these things hold value to us. Some things we value because of the money and sacrifice it took to get it. Other things simply have an amazing back story. But there’s always something that stands out from the pack. So the question is, “What is your most prized possession?”

Here’s my most prized possession and my thoughts on it.

Personally, I’m not super motivated by material things. I love luxury and high quality items. I appreciate the time and effort that goes into designing high quality things like laptops, sneakers, or cars. I’m shallow because I love these expensive and superior products. But at the same time it’s not my single motivator to get fancy things. I just like high quality. What I like more than high quality products is gifts from loved ones.

I’m very careful about keeping the things people gift me. It could be as small as a new pair of socks but it’s important to me. When I can see that a friend or loved one took time to put thought into me, it feels good. So I cherish many different things that were gifted to me in many different price ranges. Let’s just say there’s many runner ups and things that could potentially be my most prized possession.

Some of the things I cherish a lot is my awesome playing card collection. It’s almost one hundred packs of unique playing cards gifted to me from friends. I’m also very fond of the jewelry I’ve been given by mom and love interest. One is a promise ring from a young high school relationship and the other is dog tag with a personal message from my mom. I wear both on my neck every day. I love the Jay-Z cologne my older sister bought for Christmas years ago. I appreciate the trophy won from a business competition in college.

There’s so many things around me that I cherish and value. They’re all different in size, price, and meaning. But there’s only one top prized possession that I hold in the highest regard. My most prized possession is my pair of Nike sneakers signed by Kobe himself. This pair of sneakers symbolized so many things to me the day Mark Parker gifted them to me. And the whole day itself was once in a lifetime and something I will remember forever.

The sneakers themselves are nice, black and yellow, with Kobe’s signature signed big across the tip. But the most special part of the sneakers are the high-quality and thoughtful box they came in. It is all white emblazoned with my name Tim Samuel on the front. Then inside the box is my picture with a handwritten message from Nike CEO Mark Parker. It says, “Stay curious and committed to your enormous potential.” A simple but powerful message that moved me to tears as teen.

The message from Mark Parker that day inspired me to always live my life to my fullest potential. I’ve gone on to push myself to great limits and accomplish many amazing things. I think the value of that Nike experience, the signed Kobe sneakers, and the personal message are truly priceless. The sneakers I keep today are a memento that hold all the value and learning I recieved that day. That is why a pair of signed Kobe sneakers are, among many great gifts, my most prized possession. What is your most prized possession?

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