What is your most beloved childhood memory?

Life happens so fast. We’re in elementary one day. The next day we’re waking up at 5 a.m. to work a 9 to 5 job. We’re young for so long. Eighteen years of being naive, stress-free, and having fun. Then we’re thrown into a whole new phase of life. We pick up responsibilities left and right. We stop having fun and learning by doing.

The saddest part is… we forget so much from our childhood. We lose our friends from youth. We forget the jokes and funny stories. And we stop doing the hobbies and activities we once loved. Sometimes we remember one or two memories. Usually we remember our most dreadful memory and most importantly, our most beloved memory.

Here’s my most beloved childhood memory and my thoughts on it.

My favorite and most beloved childhood memory is long ago when I met one of my bestfriends for the first time. It was a funny, awkward, and tense moment. I would of never guessed it would be such a special moment. There are many things about the memory that make me smile everytime I think about it.

I was bestfriends with Enkose for years. But I moved from Georgia up north to Connecticut. I was gone for one short year and for some reason moved right back to Georgia. When I went to church that first weekend back home, I was shocked when I saw Enkose with a whole new guy. He was clearly close friends with him.

So I finally approached Enkose, expecting an excited response to seeing his one and only bestfriend back home. But instead it was super awkward. He said, “hey Tim this Dwayne my new bestfriend. Dwayne this is Tim, my old bestfriend.” I was clearly shocked. He replaced me with an entirely new friend.

So you can imagine the tension and awkardness that followed when I introduced myself to Dwayne. We had some cringey small talk about nothing relevant. Then Enkose trying to smooth things over told me, Dwayne was a magician. I proclaimed, “no I’m a magician!” We proceeded to show each other magic tricks trying to outdo the other. And that was the first of many things Dwayne, Enkose, and I bonded over.

I love this memory because it seemed like a horrible thing. I was replaced! How tragic. Nobody wants to see their bestfriend hanging out with a new bestfriend when coming home. But it ended up being one of the most impactful things in my life. We all became lifelong bestfriends with a strong bond to this day.

I laugh at my insecurities as a young kid. I remember all the nervous thoughts that went through my mind. In hindsight I noticed all the small details of how our personalities perfectly meshed together. I still see those patterns in our friendship to this day. It was an awesome experience and a funny story. But most of all it is and will always be one of my most beloved childhood memories.

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