What is your happiest childhood memory? What makes it so special?

Memories come and go in our life. There are happy memories and bad memories. Beautiful memories and terrible memories. And they all affect who we become in the span of our life. Memories have so much more power than people think. Without memories, there would be little to no growth.

It’s crazy to think about how much memories play a role in our life. Almost everything we do is implanted into our memories in a small way. We’re so driven to get as many amazing and happy memories as we can. But we have to learn to cherish the memories we have as a child as well.

Here’s the happiest childhood memory I have and my thoughts on it.

The memory that has been an everlasting imprint in my mind has been the time I met my best friends. It was when I was very young and and still in middle school. It is a distant memory but always easy to remember. And without a doubt a happy memory.

The memory I think is my happiest from childhood is meeting my two bestfriends for the first time. Actually, I knew one of the friends, Enkose, from way earlier. But I left for a year because my mom got a job in Connecticut. When I came back home I was excited to rekindle with my bestfriend.

To my surprise, he had a new bestfriend, Dwayne. He was essentially my replacement. We introduced ourselves to each other in a very awkward fashion. There was a lot of tension and confusion in those first few minutes. I didn’t know if I should feel threatened or if I would ever be close friends with Enkose again.

But somehow, we all hit it off super well. We talked about all kinds of things we loved like magic, poker, and reading. Eventually we became an unbreakable trio. And you’d rarely find one of us without the other two somewhere near. It was an awesome moment and a beautiful memory.

It was very special to me for many reasons. That was the first time all three of us met each other. And it’s weird to think of it now. Years and years ago that was the inception of a truly lifelong friendship. I would of never known that then. And I’m sure neither of the two knew we’d be lifelong friends that day.

It also is special because it reminds me of how childish I was. My mind immediately didn’t know what to think of the situation. Is he my replacement? Will Enkose like him better? All these questions. But somehow we all moved past our small mindedness and it worked out for the better. That was a special moment and will always be a memory I cherish!

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