What is your greatest skill?

We’re all born in this world with a blank slate. Then we slowly but surely start to learn new skills. We learn to crawl from here to there. Then we learn to walk and hold things. We learn the skill of speaking and communicating with others. We learn to ride a bike and swim. One day we learn the skill of reading a book. And so on so forth.

But there’s usually some skills that we naturally excel at. Maybe your friends learn to swim at ten while you were swimming really well at the age of eight. Maybe you’re super good at playing the piano and composing music. Or you could just have natural knack for singing and dancing. These are the skills we should focus on developing further. But we have to first know our best skills to work on bettering them. So what is your greatest skill?

Here’s my greatest skill and my thoughts on it.

I’m not very talented in any one specific skill. I’m great at swimming but I wouldn’t consider myself above average. I’m good at reading and writing but not any more than the next person. I’m great at poker and magic tricks. Those were two of my favorite past times as a kid. And I while I may or may not be above average at those, it’s still not my greatest skill. My skills were never in one concrete area but rather a kind of soft skill.

For example, I’m great at videography. I’ve spent a lot of time learning how to work a camera and edit videos. I went on to create videos for non-profits and organizations all throughout Atlanta. But I took my time to learn those skills slowly but surely from a young age. At it was easy to apply myself to it, but nothing where it felt like I was meant for this. If anything, I think the true skill of that was my ability to learn it so well easily.

So one of my greatest skills, is surely how easily I can learn new things in depth. I find that I don’t learn a million different things all the time. Some people love jumping from film, to photography, to modeling, to managing models, and being a tour manager. That’s a lot of things. But I could never do that. I usually apply myself to one or two things and go deeply into that subject. And while I won’t be as diversified I end up being well taught in that subject.

So I learn things in depth rather than the bare minimum. I love that skill. I can apply myself to a subject I care about at learn 80% of all of it in a short amount of time. I end being consumed in that area and learning everything I can about how it works. It helps a lot when I do have to adapt to a new problem and I have to learn a new skill. I can usually learn that skill well and don’t worry too much about not understanding things at first.

I know that with time and dedication I can learn almost anything. That’s one of greatest skills. It helped me with many areas of my life from meeting girls, social dynamics, poker, magic, and eventually business. I spent years learning each of those subjects individually by applying myself into them fully. But I still can’t say it’s my greatest skill. It’s shocking to say because learning things in depth and thoroughly is a great skill for me.

But when I think of my greatest skill, my mind easily and quickly snaps to the answer. My greatest skill without a doubt is problem solving. I love to take a problem and find many solutions to it. I’m always solving problems big and small in my life. It could be a big business hurdle that needs to be figured out or it could be a small problem in a relationship. I always apply myself to problems and truly work for the best solution.

It’s one of those things that I’m always doing without really trying. I’m a problem solver. I can’t shut it off. I observe patterns and use logic to understand them better. It’s my greatest skill because it is very powerful and helpful in my life. Think of all the problems I’ve solved for myself and others. It’s also something that I think I’m naturally akin to doing. It’s my calling in a sense. And I’ve been good at from a young age.

I can take pretty much any problem and reverse engineer the best way to solve it. That is my greatest skill. And it might not sound so special but it will be the difference between me adding immense value to the world or just living a short selfish life. Without problems, there is no challenge to life. And I’m at my best when solving big impactful problems that will help others. Tim is a problem solver. What’s your greatest skill?

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