What is your greatest challenge?

Life is filled with uphill battles. We have to claw and fight our way to greatness and success. And many days, we’ll end up nowhere but flat on our face. But that’s the beauty of life. We’re thrown into one challenge after another. And we learn so much from each challenge that we overcome.

We get more experience when we fall flat on our face. We become wiser as individuals and as a species. The things we learn are captured in books and we end up evolving as humans. But we’d never get this value without pushing through intense challenges. The question today though is, what is your greatest challenge?

Here’s what my greatest challenge is and my thoughts on it.

My greatest challenge in life right now is my decision making. My life has always revolved around me and what I want out of life. And that has always been a great thing. I’m in control of my own destiny. I can choose to party every weekend. I can choose to work all night long. But it’s always my choice.

That’s a true blessing. Many people are in situations that leave them absolutely helpless. They wake up and their every meal is on a schedule. They can’t walk around freely or explore the world freely. They are told when to eat, drink, think, or sleep. It’s sad. That happens in prisons and oppressive governments. But luckily that’s not the nature of my life.

So I’m truly blessed to be where I am. At the same time I’m still at the crossroads of a major challenge. Where I stand today I have a lot of freedom. I have the opportunity to make many decisions and they all are very impactful. You can simply say maybe I have a little too much choice.

I have the choice to be selfish. Then I might lose my friends and family. The people I care about will gravitate away from me. I have the choice to be reckless. Then my mental and physical health might decline. I could end up in an early grave. I have the choice to live lavishly. I could buy a bunch of materialistic things to keep up with the Jones’, but I might end up broke and desperate in a few years.

This is a challenge for me. I love to be control of my destiny. But I know that it can be a blessing and a curse. Especially because at this moment I’m more vulnerable than before. I’ve been going through hard times physically and mentally. Life has been pretty bleek. And I think right now my life is prime for bad decisions.

So I find myself again at a crossroads with many decisions to be made. Will I live reckless and in the moment? Or will I live with intent and for the future? Will I live boldly and on the edge? Or will I live cautiously for my best interest? It sounds like an easy decision. But there’s so many different factors at play. And every day I wake up and know my biggest challenge will always be inside me. Will I be the best or worst version of Tim? That’s my challenge. What’s yours?

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