What is your fondest memory from the past three years?

Memories are one of our most powerful assets as humans. Imagine what life would be like if every single thing we did was immediately forgotten. Imagine how difficult it would be to build and create something valuable and lasting. There are some people who actually struggle with memory loss. But for the most of us, we can remember all the big important moments in life.

We remember walking across the stage to graduate high school or college. We remember the last job we had. And many of us remember our first true love until the day we die. The memories we have are little treasures we should cherish forever. So take the time to recount them often. What is your fondest memory from the last three years?

Here’s my fondest memory from the last three years and my thoughts on it.

When I think of my memories from the last three years there are many that I am fond of. There’s simple memories like taking my grandma and little cousins to the movies on a whim. I’m always glad to spend time with my beloved Mama. There’s memories like the time I was in shockingly intense pain in Seattle and a friend Kathy went out of her way to rush me to hospital. She personally watched over me through the night and I will always appreciate her kind gesture.

Other fond moments are my first time going to a concert to see one of my favorite artists, J. Cole. It was well worth the travel to Florida and I felt like a kid all over again. There was the memory of driving pretty much cross country with my two best friends for business. It was a one of kind experience and I will always cherish the conversations we shared those days. We truly bonded on another level throughout those long days of driving through the middle of nowhere.

But out of all the memories within the last three years, my fondest one at the moment, is my first ever cruise with my beloved DeAsia. It was a special surprise cruise that she planned meticulously for my birthday. I was pleasantly surprised and so excited to venture onto the great seas with her. I was also super nervous and anxious about the whole trip. Cruises are amazing but the first one can be absolutely terrifying.

That’s a part of the reason it’s such a fond memory. I was not sure how to feel about the whole experience for the first two days. It was so exciting I had butterflies all throughout my stomach. My emotions were all over the place like I was on a rollercoaster. I don’t know the last time I felt so happy and alive all at the same time. It was even more special because I was glad to spend the time with her. We rarely get to do fun and exciting things so the cruise meant a lot being able to check out of the world and just enjoy each other.

It wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine though. There were a few bad moments on the cruise. We got into an argument one night and were very unhappy with each other. And there was even a few days I was deafly sick with intense stomach pains while on the cruise. It was tough on those days. But in hindsight I’m grateful for all those moments just as much. Everything can’t all be positive. But it was nice to see how quickly and eager we were to reconnect despite our arguments. And when I was in pain, DeAsia was the one catering to my every need.

No matter what happened during that week out at sea, we found a way to make the best of it. And it’s been a while since I spent so much time happy and excited to wake up every single day. I love cruises now. And I love DeAsia even more. There were many great memories from the last three years. But in my eyes, the special cruise you planned for my birthday last year takes the cake. Thank you for a week I will always remember DeAsia.

I love you forever and always.

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