What is your favorite time of the year?

Some things in life we just naturally click with. You might be a really extroverted person that easily gets along with introverts that listen a lot and have deep thoughts. You might be a more active body person that thrives more in warm places rather than colder weathered locations. There might even be a specific state, country, or location where you feel directly works well with you. This is often how we end up experiencing new places, events, and people that we never knew we would in life. We get naturally attracted to certain things, people, and places and almost have to explore them at some point in life. We all have things we naturally click with and enjoy. The same goes for the times of the year.

There are some seasons that we love and wish would last forever. And then there are certain times of the year that we wish would fly by. There’s many different times of year that would could enjoy as well. It could be a general season that we love like summer. Summer is great if you love travelling to islands, watersports, dressing casually, and outdoor activities. But you could also love a specific month like January. Maybe you enjoy January because it’s the start of a new year and you feel extra motivated to accomplish big things for the eleven other months. Your favorite time of year could even be a single day like your birthday. That would be pretty narcissitic but regardless we all have favorite times of year. So what is your favorite time of the year?

Here’s a short story on my favorite time of the year.

There was nothing like that feeling throughout the entire rest of the year. It was a one of kind special experience. I was laying on the floor in my living room. I was in a blissful happy state just watching the beautiful blinking lights. The tree looked light a perfect clear night sky being illuminated by an endless amount of green and red stars. I was enjoying myself just thinking about life, family, and all striking Christmas decorations around the town. It was a feeling that I waited all year for. I felt truly unconditionally happy. But then I looked under the tree and remembered that there were no gifts. I remember Christmas’s with gifts I didn’t want. And I remembered Christmas’s with barely any gifts. But this time Santa didn’t bring any gifts for anyone in my family. I got a little sad. Maybe there was a condition to my happiness after all. I closed my eyes and listened to the beautiful Christmas songs.

A few hours later I woke up out of my sleep suddenly. I had a dream that Santa did bring our gifts, they were just at the wrong house. I jumped up and noticed I was in my bed upstairs. I didn’t remember going upstairs to my bed. I looked around my room and noticed the sun breaking through the window. It was morning. It was Christmas morning. If there was nothing under the tree now, then that means Santa really did forget us this year. I walked over to wake my brother up to check with me, but then I noticed it was only six something in the morning. There was no way he would wake up until around eight. I decided to go downstairs by myself. And before I could make it all the way down the steps, I noticed all these perfectly wrapped boxes under the tree. There must of been a hundred colorful boxes of all sizes under the tree that morning.

I ran up to my brother’s bed and jumped all over him. “It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. He woke up with a smile on his face. We both ran around to our sisters rooms and literally dragged them out of bed. And lastly we all bombarded our parents room knocking down the door trying to get in. “Can we open our presents?! Please, please!” My mom barely up, said, “Go brush your teeth first and then we’ll meet you downstairs.” I was never more excited to brush my teeth in my life. I scrubbed every inch, corner, and angle I could find. I flossed and wrapped it by gargling a big swish of mouth wash. And then we all waited downstairs patiently. It was the longest five minutes of our lives. But eventually, lo and behold, our dad and mom came walking down.

We spent the rest of that morning opening all kinds of amazing gifts from Santa. I remember being so grateful that Santa didn’t forget us this year. I saw the smile on my sister’s face when she got a brand new Disney Princess’s tv that was bright pink. And my other sister looked happy opening up her boxes with new “BabyPhat” outfits. My brother and I were super pumped when we opened up our remote controlled Hummer and Harley Davidson toys. It was a great feeling from everyone in the room. We all smiled, laughed, and enjoyed each other’s company. My brother and I really almost lost our head when we opened our last box and saw a brand new Playstation 2 inside! It was the greatest Christmas’s I’d ever had. And I know all my family will cherish that Christmas morning.

Years later, I learned that Santa isn’t real. It broke my heart but I think I always kind of new. It didn’t make sense how Santa always knew exactly what we wanted when we only told our parents. I was smart enough to put two and two together eventually. But I remember almost five plus years later, having Christmas in the same exact house. This time our dad wasn’t there for this Christmas. And I knew my mom didn’t have a lot of money to get any gifts. But I knew there was no way I was going to have Santa forget this house. My family and everyone in this house deserved a great Christmas. I was only a teenager with like ten bucks to my name. But I didn’t care. I walked out to the gas station up the street and bought each of my family members their favorite candy bar. I wrapped them up nicely and put “From Santa.” in big bold letters. And even though it wasn’t much I felt great seeing their faces laugh and smile opening their gifts the next morning.

My favorite time of year without a doubt is the Christmas holiday season. There’s something so special about the end of year holiday time. There’s many different things all working together to make it such a pleasurable experience to me. Almost all your family comes together for Thanksgiving and Christmas time. There’s the feeling of accomplishment closing out another year. And of course the natural ambition and inspiration of beginning a new year. Christmas itself is one of the most beautiful holiday’s I’ve ever experienced. The lights and decorations alone are awe-inspiring. And there’s something so admirable about holiday time where people are eager to give and not only receive. I love the end of year holiday season. That is my favorite time of year.

But nothing will beat the greatest Christmas my family had as a whole back at Meadow Point Drive. I love you all.

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